Lighten Your Load

We've replaced, retrofitted or repaired 183,000 fixtures in general and education buildings to use less wattage and improve lighting quality. We’ve also implemented other energy savings measures in some areas, such as installing 2,300 occupancy sensors that turn off the lights when rooms are empty.

  • Anticipated Savings: 28 million kilowatt hours per year
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: 24 million pounds of CO2e, equivalent to planting 2,400 acres of pine or fir forest.
  • Annual energy savings will be equivalent to energy used by more than 1,500 local, average-size homes in one year.

To learn more about the methods used in measuring and calculating energy savings from the lighting upgrades on the Main and J. J. Pickle Research campuses, read the Savings Calculation for Lighting*. For building-by-building results, view the Lighting Savings Summary* tabulation.

* PDF; requires AdobeĀ® ReaderĀ® or compatible software