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6 x 9 in.
499 pp., 2 figures, 6 tables

Out of print; replaced by new edition


The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law
Sixth Edition

By Jim Walsh, Frank Kemerer, and Laurie Maniotis


Table of Contents and Excerpt

available through netLibrary


For over twenty years, The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law has been the preeminent source for information on Texas school law for the state's education community. The sixth edition is the latest in a series of revisions designed to keep the book current, comprehensive, and readable. Readers will find a number of changes in the new edition. First and foremost, the immensely important No Child Left Behind Act has been incorporated at various points in the text, particularly in discussions pertaining to accountability, assessment, and school safety. Other changes include an expanded discussion of charter schools, school uniform policies, and student drug testing programs. Employment issues are now addressed in two chapters, one dealing with contractual matters and the other with personnel management. The new edition includes all legislative developments, relevant federal and state court rulings, and Texas Commissioner of Education decisions to date.

In its ten chapters, The Educator's Guide discusses a myriad of topics relating to the legal structure of the Texas school system, attendance law and the instructional program, the education of children with disabilities, employment law, rights of expression and association, the role of religion, student discipline, open meetings and public records, privacy issues, student search and seizure, and legal liability of school districts and employees.

Jim Walsh is an attorney with the law firm of Walsh, Anderson, Brown, Gallegos and Green, P.C.

Frank Kemerer is Regents Professor of Education Law at the University of North Texas.

Laurie Maniotis is an attorney and coeditor of The Texas School Administrator's Legal Digest.

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