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Suggested Course Texts:
Environmental Studies

Our Suggested Course Texts pages list titles intended for classroom use. For a complete list of our titles in environmental studies, go to our general environmental history page.


The Earth Remains Forever
By Rob Jackson

The Global Environment and International Law
By Joseph F. C. DiMento

Simple Things Won't Save the Earth
By J. Robert Hunter

Understanding NAFTA
By William A. Orme, Jr.

Water in the Middle East
By Hussein A. Amery and Aaron Wolf

Latin America

Banana Cultures
By John Soluri

The Community Forests of Mexico
Edited by David Barton Bray, Leticia Merino-Pérez, and Deborah Barry

The Death of Ramón González, Revised Edition
By Angus Wright

Defending the Land of the Jaguar
By Lane Simonian

The Green Republic
By Sterling Evans

Jungle of the Maya
Photographs by Douglas Goodell and Jerry Barrack Text by Jim Wright

The Maya Tropical Forest
By James D. Nations

A Place in the Rain Forest
By Darryl Cole Christensen

States of Nature
By Stuart George McCook

Understanding NAFTA
By William A. Orme, Jr.

Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes
By Gomercindo Rodrigues
Edited and translated by Linda Rabben

Zapotec Science
By Roberto J. González

United States

Chemical Alert! A Community Action Handbook
Edited by Marvin S. Legator and Sabrina F. Strawn

Creating Outdoor Classrooms
By Lauri Macmillan Johnson, with Kim Duffek

Danger All Around
By Joel B. Goldsteen

Exploring the Big Bend Country
By Peter Koch and June Cooper Price

Karánkaway Country
By Roy Bedichek

Killing the Hidden Waters
By Charles Bowden

Living with Coyotes
By Stuart R. Ellins

Mother Earth and Uncle Sam
By Rena I. Steinzor

Playas of the Great Plains
By Loren M. Smith

Private Property and the Endangered Species Act
Edited by Jason F. Shogren

The Road to Love Canal
By Craig E. Colten and Peter N. Skinner

Species at Risk
Edited by Jason F. Shogren

Texas Land Ethics
By Pete A. Y. Gunter and Max Oelschlaeger

Together, Alone
By Susan Wittig Albert

Understanding NAFTA
By William A. Orme, Jr.

Walking Nature Home
By Susan J. Tweit

Water in Texas
By Andrew Sansom

Wetland and Riparian Areas of the Intermountain West
Edited by Mark C. McKinstry, Wayne A. Hubert, and Stanley H. Anderson

What Wildness Is This
Edited by Susan Wittig Albert et al.

Wildlife Sanctuaries and the Audubon Society
By John M. "Frosty" Anderson

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