Suggested Course Texts:

Our Suggested Course Texts pages list titles intended for classroom use. For a complete list of our titles in science, go to our general science and mathematics page.

New in Science

New in paperback
Experiencing Nature
By Antonio Barrera-Osorio


By Anthony F. Aveni

Star Gods of the Maya
By Susan Milbrath

Also of interest: Archaeoastronomy: The Journal of Astronomy in Culture

History of Science and Mathematics

Experiencing Nature
By Antonio Barrera-Osorio

Native American Mathematics
By Michael P. Closs

Science in Medieval Islam
By Howard R. Turner

Science in the Medieval World
By Sa`id al-Andalusi

Zapotec Science
By Roberto J. González

Science and Language

Understanding the Language of Science
By Steven Darian

The Social Life of Numbers
By Gary Urton

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