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Fall/Winter 2007-2008 Titles

AbbottCelluloid Vampires: Life After Death in the Modern World
Afflitto and JesilowThe Quiet Revolutionaries: Seeking Justice in Guatemala
Anderson and GerberFifty Years of Change on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Growth, Development, and Quality of Life
AshourSiraaj: An Arab Tale
BretonMartinique: Snake Charmer
BrodskySpanish Vocabulary: An Etymological Approach
CaplowLeopoldo Méndez: Revolutionary Art and the Mexican Print
CarlsonRoger Tory Peterson: A Biography
Charles W. Moore CenterPlacenotes—Dallas
Charles W. Moore CenterPlacenotes—Pittsburgh
Charles W. Moore CenterPlacenotes—Chicago Art and Architecture
Ching, Buckley, and Lozano-AlonsoReframing Latin America: A Cultural Theory Reading of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Colburn and CruzVarieties of Liberalism in Central America: Nation-States as Works in Progress
CookThelma & Louise Live!: The Cultural Afterlife of an American Film
Cunningham, Davis, and NewsomLone Star Sleuths: An Anthology of Texas Crime Fiction
DullesResisting Brazil's Military Regime: An Account of the Battles of Sobral Pinto
García et al.Políticas: Latina Public Officials in Texas
GilderbloomInvisible City: Poverty, Housing, and New Urbanism
GillespieQuilty as Charged: Undercover in a Material World
GutiérrezFertile Matters: The Politics of Mexican-Origin Women's Reproduction
HammillWomen, Celebrity, and Literary Culture between the Wars
HawthorneLonghorn Football: An Illustrated History
HeadrickThe Teotihuacan Trinity: The Sociopolitical Structure of an Ancient Mesoamerican City
HendersonOology and Ralph's Talking Eggs: Bird Conservation Comes Out of Its Shell
HigginsHarnessing the Technicolor Rainbow: Color Design in the 1930s
HudsonWomen in Texas Music: Stories and Songs
JohnsonA White House Diary
KeithEckhardt: There Once Was a Congressman from Texas
KennerlyExtraordinary Circumstances: The Presidency of Gerald R. Ford
Krueger and KruegerFrom Bloodshed to Hope in Burundi: Our Embassy Years during Genocide
Lein and SchexnayderLife After Welfare: Reform and the Persistence of Poverty
LukeWillie Wells: "El Diablo" of the Negro Leagues
MacLeodSpanish Central America (Revised Edition): A Socioeconomic History, 1520-1720
MeeksBorder Citizens: The Making of Indians, Mexicans, and Anglos in Arizona
MendibleFrom Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Film and Culture
Myers and ScottFernández de Oviedo's Chronicle of America : A New History for a New World
NadelVarious Positions: A Life of Leonard Cohen
Nokes and JasperYard Art and Handmade Places: Extraordinary Expressions of Home
PogueWitness for Justice: The Documentary Photographs of Alan Pogue
RajaeeIslamism and Modernism: The Changing Discourse in Iran
RiceMaya Calendar Origins: Monuments, Mythistory, and the Materialization of Time
RodriguesWalking the Forest with Chico Mendes: Struggle for Justice in the Amazon
Saint-Germain and Chavez MetoyerWomen Legislators in Central America: Politics, Democracy, and Policy
SeedJosé Limón and La Malinche: The Dancer and the Dance
SmithBeautiful TV: The Art and Argument of Ally McBeal
SteinzorMother Earth and Uncle Sam: How Pollution and Hollow Government Hurt Our Kids
TaggartRemembering Victoria: A Tragic Nahuat Love Story
TakácsVestal Virgins, Sibyls, and Matrons: Women in Roman Religion
Talmon-ChvaicerThe Hidden History of Capoeira: A Collision of Cultures in the Brazilian Battle Dance
Van VleetPerforming Kinship: Narrative, Gender, and the Intimacies of Power in the Andes
VigilThe Projects: Gang and Non-Gang Families in East Los Angeles
WellingCinema Houston: From Nickelodeon to Megaplex
WittliffA Book of Photographs from Lonesome Dove
WynnPyramids and Nightclubs: A Travel Ethnography of Arab and Western Imaginations of Egypt, from King Tut and a Colony of Atlantis to Rumors of Sex Orgies, Urban Legends about a Marauding Prince, and Blonde Belly Dancers

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