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Catalogs: Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Titles


Ackerlind and Jones-Kellogg, Portuguese: A Reference Manual
A boon for students and instructors of the language, culture, and literature of the Portuguese-speaking world, this language resource manual delves beyond the realm of traditional language textbooks.

Aldama, Analyzing World Fiction: New Horizons in Narrative Theory
A sweeping collection of approaches to narrative theory, with analyses drawn from a variety of truly global literature, films, and television shows.

Anderson, The American University of Beirut: Arab Nationalism and Liberal Education
This history of the American University of Beirut presents a rich 150-year process of conflict, cooperation, and growth that has balanced the goals of American liberal education with the quest for Arab national identity and empowerment.

Arnn, Land of the Tejas: Native American Identity and Interaction in Texas, A.D.1300 to 1700
Examining the complex interactions of numerous distinct groups of native peoples over a 400-year period, this book presents an entirely new archaeological conceptualization of Texas that links prehistory and history into a single continuum.

Berryhill, The Trials of Eroy Brown: The Murder Case That Shook the Texas Prison System
The shocking story of the black inmate who was acquitted after killing two high-ranking prison guards in a case that publicized the horrors of Texas's "plantation-style" prison system.

Brands, Greenback Planet: How the Dollar Conquered the World and Threatened Civilization as We Know It
With fascinating stories of money men, from Alexander Hamilton to Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, and deft explanations of the ins and outs of monetary policy, Greenback Planet clarifies why the dollar rules the world—and why that should frighten us all.

Bresenhan and Puentes, Lone Stars III: Texas Quilts Today
Completing a landmark documentation of 175 years of Texas quilt history they began in Lone Stars I and II, Texas's leading quilt experts present two hundred traditional and art quilts that represent "the best of the best" quilts being made in Texas today.

Bridgewater, A Natural History of Belize: Insights from the Chiquibul Forest and Las Cuevas Research Station
Written for a popular audience and richly illustrated, this book presents the first detailed portrait of the habitats, biodiversity, and ecology of Belize, one of the earth's most biologically profuse places.

Briefel and Miller, Horror after 9/11: World of Fear, Cinema of Terror
The first major exploration of the horror film genre through the lens of 9/11 and the subsequent transformation of American and global society.

Bruneau, Dammert, and Skinner, Maras: Gang Violence and Security in Central America
Eleven experts provide a complete, objective assessment of mara gang violence in Central America.

Cadet, My Stone of Hope: From Haitian Slave Child to Abolitionist
From the author of Restavec: From Haitian Slave Child to Middle-Class American, which has sold more than 25,000 copies, comes a searing memoir that puts a human face on the issue of child slavery and sounds a call to end it through advocacy and education.

Carter, From Uncertain to Blue
This superb re-envisioning of Keith Carter's highly acclaimed first book presents classic images of small-town life in a completely redesigned volume that also offers insight into Carter's creative process through a new essay, contact sheets, and an amplified travel journal.

Charles W. Moore Center, Placenotes—Seattle
An entirely different kind of travel book—a boxed set of cards that guides you to the unique and memorable places that give Seattle its distinctive character.

Charles W. Moore Center, Placenotes—West Texas
An entirely different kind of travel book—a boxed set of cards that guides you to the unique and memorable places that give West Texas its distinctive character.

Chibnik, Anthropology, Economics, and Choice
This book presents the first extended critique of rational choice theory from an anthropological perspective.

Cohen and Sirkeci, Cultures of Migration: The Global Nature of Contemporary Mobility
Exploring the motivations of migrants in countries around the world, this book proposes a new model of immigration that accounts for the cultural beliefs and social patterns that influence people to move—or to remain at home.

Comar, Border Junkies: Addiction and Survival on the Streets of Juárez and El Paso
From the sweaty summer days of a junky's nightmare to the bittersweet success of true surrender and emergence into a new way of life, Border Junkies paints a searing, first-hand portrait of addiction, poverty, and recovery on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Cooley, 100,000 Hearts: A Surgeon’s Memoir
Pioneering surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley recalls his extraordinary career and achievements, which include performing the first successful heart transplant in the United States and the first clinical implantation of a totally artificial heart in a human being.

Crouch and Brice, The Governor's Hounds: The Texas State Police, 1870–1873
Drawing on a wealth of previously unused primary sources, this book offers the first full-scale assessment of the much-reviled Texas State Police and its role in maintaining law and order in Reconstruction Texas.

Doughty and Carmichael, The Albatross and the Fish: Linked Lives in the Open Seas
Sounding an alarm over the potential extinction of many albatross species, this book encourages individuals, environmental groups, fishery oversight bodies, and governments to create sustainable management practices for whole ocean ecosystems.

Eber and "Antonia", The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman of Chiapas, Mexico: Pass Well over the Earth
Enhancing our understanding of the struggle for indigenous rights in Chiapas, this testimonial presents a unique account of that struggle by a woman who has been active at the grassroots level for three decades.

Forrest, Witches, Whores, and Sorcerers: The Concept of Evil in Early Iran
A deep exploration into how evil was understood and categorized, and then finally combated, in early Iranian traditions.

Frost, Timeless Mexico : The Photographs of Hugo Brehme
This richly illustrated volume explores the work of a pivotal figure in Mexican photography who influenced generations of viewers and photographers, including Manuel Álvarez Bravo, by creating an enduring visual iconography of the essence of Mexico.

Klein, American Film Cycles: Reframing Genres, Screening Social Problems, and Defining Subcultures
Exploring how political sentiments, popular desires, and social anxieties have been reflected in movies from the Dead End Kids serial to the ghetto action flicks of the 1990s, this book offers the first full-length study of the American film cycle and its relation to film genres and contemporary social issues.

Lapadula, The Chora of Metaponto 4: The Late Roman Farmhouse at San Biagio
Based on archaeological investigations in southern Italy by the Institute of Classical Archaeology, this volume features a small but viable social and economic entity that was an unexpected find from a period generally marked by large landholdings.

MacLean, The Shaman's Mirror: Visionary Art of the Huichol
This comprehensive study of one of the world's great indigenous arts explores issues surrounding dreams and visions, ranging from what shamanic vision is to how artists use vision and how they perceive the soul in relation to their art.

Mahieux, Urban Chroniclers in Modern Latin America: The Shared Intimacy of Everyday Life
A compelling study of the writers who used the genre of crónica—combining literary aestheticism with journalistic form—to capture seismic political and sociological shifts in the 1920s and 1930s.

Mehta, Censorship and Sexuality in Bombay Cinema
An examination of the censorship of gender and heterosexuality—particularly female heterosexuality—in Bombay cinema.

Nama, Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes
An exploration of black superheroes as a fascinating racial phenomenon and a powerful source of racial meaning, narrative, and imagination in American society.

Rabasa, Tell Me the Story of How I Conquered You : Elsewheres and Ethnosuicide in the Colonial Mesoamerican World
This pathfinding book presents a new understanding of the pictorial vocabulary presented in Codex Telleriano-Remensis, which reveals a native painter's perspective on the tandem of ethnosuicide and ethnogenesis, and the topology of conquest.

Rice, Vintage Moquegua: History, Wine, and Archaeology on a Colonial Peruvian Periphery
This fascinating, deeply human narrative of colonialism and capitalism captures the history of a New World winery in the desert mountains of southern Peru.

Robson, Colonialism and Christianity in Mandate Palestine
This crucial history of Palestinian Christians from the late Ottoman period through the British mandate reveals the British role in diminishing Arab Christian influence.

Stack, Gael Stack
Lavishly illustrated with color plates, Gael Stack is the first retrospective monograph on the art of one of America's most accomplished contemporary painters, whose work charts the uncertain territories of memory.

Stegner and Rowland, West of 98: Living and Writing the New American West
The first collection of its kind in scope and ambition, this volume brings together the most prominent western writers of the current generation to create new visions of the American West—"the West that is still becoming."

Sweets, Stirring It Up with Molly Ivins: A Memoir with Recipes
In this delicious memoir, Molly Ivins's long-time friend and fellow cook Ellen Sweets offers an intimate, fascinating portrait of the private Molly behind the "professional Texan" through stories of the fabulous meals she prepared for friends and family, along with thirty-five recipes.

Tate, Reconsidering Olmec Visual Culture: The Unborn, Women, and Creation
This groundbreaking study of gestational imagery on ancient Olmec monuments and objects brings to light Mesoamerica's earliest creation narrative and traces its evolution into one of the enduring themes of Mesoamerican ritual life and art.

Thomas and Horton, Best of the West 2011: New Stories from the Wide Side of the Missouri
This anthology highlights exceptional short fiction rooted in the western United States by both emerging and established writers, including T. C. Boyle, Yiyun Li, Philipp Meyer, Antonya Nelson, and Sam Shepard.

Trevett, Demosthenes, Speeches 1-17
This collection of oratory by or ascribed to the most renowned of the ancient Greek orators presents the Philippic and Olynthiac speeches—deliberative speeches denouncing Philip of Macedon—plus a letter from Philip to the Athenians.

Vågnes, Zaprudered: The Kennedy Assassination Film in Visual Culture
This fascinating account examines how Abraham Zapruder's accidental footage of the Kennedy assassination has been transformed from documentary evidence to an aesthetic and cultural lodestone.

van Nieuwkerk, Muslim Rap, Halal Soaps, and Revolutionary Theater: Artistic Developments in the Muslim World
Twelve leading scholars trace Islamic discourse on the performing arts to give insight into genres of pious productions throughout the world.

Walker and Erwin, Texas State Cemetery
Illustrated with superb images by renowned Texas photographer Laurence Parent, this history of the Texas State Cemetery tells the story of Texas through the lives of notable Texans, from Stephen F. Austin to Barbara Jordan, who are buried in this hallowed ground.

Ward, Missing Mila, Finding Family: An International Adoption in the Shadow of the Salvadoran Civil War
While adding an engrossing new chapter to the story of the Salvadoran civil war and its long aftermath, Missing Mila, Finding Family deepens our understanding of the issues involved in international adoptions and the desire of birth families to find their disappeared sons and daughters.

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