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Catalogs: Spring/Summer 2011 Titles


Abbott, Damselflies of Texas: A Field Guide
Here is the first field guide to the damselflies of Texas—which include more than half of all damselfly species found in North America—richly illustrated with digitally created images that show amazing details, as well as photos taken in the wild.

Adler, Valorizing the Barbarians: Enemy Speeches in Roman Historiography
Comparing and contrasting speeches attributed to barbarian leaders by ancient Roman historians, this book offers a systematic examination of the ways in which those historians valorized foreigners and presented criticisms of their own society.

Akers, Flames after Midnight: Murder, Vengeance, and the Desolation of a Texas Community, Revised Edition
Now updated with a shocking deathbed confession and a touching account of reconciliation, here is the engrossing story of a 1922 lynching followed by a racially motivated reign of terror and the devastating effects both had on a small Texas town.

Albert, Together, Alone: A Memoir of Marriage and Place
In this beautifully written memoir, the author of the popular China Bayles mystery series meditates on what it means to be married—to a person and a place—while also needing to be alone and experience silence and solitude.

Allen, Foxboy: Intimacy and Aesthetics in Andean Stories
With a powerful, erotic, and entertaining Quechua story as a master narrative, Foxboy explores the acts of storytelling and story listening in the Andes to discover how these arts are used to communicate deeply held cultural values.

Blackstock and Cohen, SXSW Scrapbook: People and Things That Went Before
Loaded with candid photos and essays by well-known writers including Dave Marsh, David Fricke, Jim DeRogatis, John Morthland, Ed Ward, Michael Corcoran, Jaan Uhelszki, and Thom Duffy, this retrospective book celebrates the silver anniversary of the world's premier event for the discovery of new music, film, and media.

Blackwell, ¡Chicana Power!: Contested Histories of Feminism in the Chicano Movement
Drawing on a wealth of oral histories from pioneering Chicana activists, as well as the vibrant print culture through which they articulated their agenda and built community, this book presents the first full-scale investigation of the social and political factors that led to the development of Chicana feminism.

Brockett, How Happy to Call Oneself a Turk: Provincial Newspapers and the Negotiation of a Muslim National Identity
Challenging established views about the development of a secular Turkish national identity, this history explores how the Turkish people used print media to incorporate their Islamic heritage into Turkish nationalism following World War II.

Camp, Mexican Political Biographies, 1935–2009: Fourth Edition
With nearly 1,000 new biographies, updates of the existing biographies and appendices, and a fully searchable CD, this is the definitive source for biographical information on some 3,000 of Mexico's leading state and national politicians.

Carlsen, The War for the Heart and Soul of a Highland Maya Town: Revised Edition
This classic study of cultural continuity and change in an indigenous Guatemalan community is now updated to reveal how the forces of globalization are shredding the very fabric of communal and religious life.

Carter and Prieto, The Chora of Metaponto 3: Archaeological Survey—Bradano to Basento
The latest volume of archaeological investigations in southern Italy by the Institute of Classical Archaeology that will present a wealth of new information about the region's ancient rural economy and culture.

Casanova, Making Up the Difference: Women, Beauty, and Direct Selling in Ecuador
This first in-depth study of a cosmetics direct selling organization in Latin America considers how women's experiences in the informal employment sector can illuminate our understandings of work and gender in Ecuador and other developing countries.

Cole and Dupuy, Uchi: The Cookbook
Expand your gastronomic boundaries with some of the most celebrated recipes of Tyson Cole, one of Food and Wine magazine's "Best New Chefs," and founder of one of America's premier restaurants for innovative Japanese cuisine, Uchi.

Elsey, Citizens and Sportsmen: Fútbol and Politics in Twentieth-Century Chile
This pioneering study of amateur fútbol (soccer) clubs in Chile reveals how the world's most popular sport has served to engage citizens in local and national politics and support democratic practices.

Evans, Crazy from the Heat: A Chronicle of Twenty Years in the Big Bend
The leading photographic interpreter of the Big Bend presents new work that includes magnificent color landscapes and panoramas, dramatic night work, sensuous nudes, and vivid portraits.

Gagarin, Speeches from Athenian Law
A compilation of speeches covering key issues in Athenian law, drawn from the Oratory of Classical Greece series, that is intended primarily for use in teaching courses in Greek law or related areas such as Greek history.

Gaspar de Alba and López, Our Lady of Controversy: Alma López's "Irreverent Apparition"
An anthology of vibrant responses to Alma López's controversial print Our Lady, exploring critical issues of censorship, religion, and the female body.

Goldberg, With This Night
The first English translation of the final and most powerful book of poetry by the beloved, award-winning Israeli poet, Leah Goldberg.

Goldman, Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity
Filled with insights into the works of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Charlie Chaplin, Jean Rhys, and John Dos Passos, this is a provocative new reading of the relationship between modernist literature and the development of celebrity culture in the early twentieth century.

Graham, State of Minds: Texas Culture and Its Discontents
Offering his signature take on Texas literary giants from J. Frank Dobie to Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy, and on films such as The Alamo, The Last Picture Show, and Brokeback Mountain, Don Graham demolishes the notion that "Texas culture" is a contradiction in terms.

Hamilton, Of Space and Mind: Cognitive Mappings of Contemporary Chicano/a Fiction
Bringing cognitive methodologies to the analysis of Chicano/a fiction for the first time, this book maps ethics of "persistence" and "transformation" in the fiction of Rudolfo Anaya, Ana Castillo, Denise Chávez, Rolando Hinojosa, Arturo Islas, John Rechy, Alfredo Véa, and Helena María Viramontes.

Kanellos, Hispanic Immigrant Literature: El Sueño del Retorno
The first comprehensive study of literary works created both orally and in writing by immigrants to the United States from the Hispanic world since the early nineteenth century.

Keating and González-López, Bridging: How Gloria Anzaldúa's Life and Work Transformed Our Own
Thirty-two wide-ranging voices pay tribute to the late Gloria Anzaldúa, the beloved poet and fiction writer who redefined lesbian and Chicana/o identities for thousands of readers.

Kohl, From the Mines to the Streets: A Bolivian Activist's Life
An extraordinary portrait of Bolivia's turbulent rise from military rule during the last half century, told through the eyes of a miner, union activist, and political prisoner.

Lashley Lopez, Don't Make Me Go to Town: Ranchwomen of the Texas Hill Country
Beautifully illustrated with rich black-and-white photographs of ranchwomen at work, Don't Make Me Go to Town is a remarkable record of women of strength and determination who are striving to preserve an increasingly rare way of life.

López Lázaro, The Misfortunes of Alonso Ramírez: The Remarkable Adventures of a Spanish American with 17th-Century Pirates
A critical translation and commentary on a work long regarded as Latin America's first novel, which proves that this famous tale of piracy is actually a historical account that sheds new light on Spain's worldwide struggle against the ambitions of France and other European powers.

Maddy-Weitzman, The Berber Identity Movement and the Challenge to North African States
The first full-length treatment of the emergence of the modern Berber identity movement in North Africa and the Berber diaspora, the challenges it poses to Moroccan and Algerian authorities and to competing Islamist movements, and their responses to it.

Matthews, "We Were Not Orphans": Stories from the Waco State Home
In these amazing stories, Texans who spent their youth in an institution for "dependent and neglected" children reveal both the positive outcomes and the horrific abuses that resulted when a government-run "home" was allowed to operate for decades without any public oversight.

McCann and North, Handbook of Latin American Studies, Vol. 66: Humanities
The newest volume of the benchmark bibliography of Latin American studies.

Menchaca, Naturalizing Mexican Immigrants: A Texas History
A timely exploration of the political and cultural impact of U.S. naturalization laws on Mexicans in Texas, from early statehood years to contemporary controversies.

Molina, Account of the Fables and Rites of the Incas
Based on eyewitness accounts of rituals conducted at the height of Inca rule, this is a key document that provides an unparalleled account of the prayers and religious celebrations of the Inca in a context of rapidly changing cultural practices.

O’Brien, Hard Ground
Hard Ground unites Michael O'Brien's compelling photographs and Tom Waits's powerful poetry to reveal our common humanity with the men, women, and children who survive on the street.

O’Reilly Herrera, Cuban Artists Across the Diaspora: Setting the Tent Against the House
Continuing the conversation she began in ReMembering Cuba: Legacy of a Diaspora, O'Reilly Herrera interviews artists who have participated in the ongoing exhibition CAFÉ: The Journeys of Cuban Artists to discover how these artists preserve and transform their Cuban identity.

Powell and Freeman, The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology
Three decades of music writing from Austin's renowned alternative newspaper creates an invaluable record of one of America's most vibrant musical communities—"the live music capital of the world"—and of musicians from Townes Van Zandt to Spoon.

Prieto, The Adventures of a Cello: Revised Edition, with a New Epilogue
Now updated through 2009, here is a delightful biography of a celebrated Stradivarius cello and an inviting overview of cello music and its preeminent composers and performers by world-famous concert cellist Carlos Prieto.

Rader, Engaged Resistance: American Indian Art, Literature, and Film from Alcatraz to the NMAI
Profusely illustrated with more than one hundred images, this is the first book that focuses on how Native Americans have used artistic expression to both engage with and resist Anglo culture while asserting deeply held ethical values.

Rodden, The Unexamined Orwell
Continuing his masterful investigation of the ongoing reception and continual reinvention of George Orwell six decades after his death, Rodden delves into numerous aspects of Orwell's legacy that have been surprisingly neglected.

Roselli, Theater of the People: Spectators and Society in Ancient Athens
The first comprehensive study of the diverse populations that attended Athenian dramatic festivals from the Classical to the Hellenistic periods.

Rowe et al., Costume and History in Highland Ecuador
Using a wide variety of archaeological and archival evidence of indigenous clothing, jewelry, and hairstyles, scholars trace the history of costume in Ecuador from prehistory to the twentieth century.

Scafuro, Demosthenes, Speeches 39-49
A collection of eleven legal speeches relating to estates and inheritances that are ascribed to the most renowned of the ancient Greek orators.

Schmandt, North, and Clarkson, The Impact of Global Warming on Texas: Second edition
A completely revised and updated edition of the baseline study of global warming's potential effects on Texas.

Sherif, The American Wall: From the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico
This deluxe edition—two beautifully produced volumes in a slip case—presents dramatic photographs and eloquent trilingual testimonies that recount the environmental, social, and economic costs of trying to wall off Mexico from the United States.

Stavans and Jaksić, What is la hispanidad?: A conversation
In a series of lively, provocative conversations, two prominent intellectuals debate the nature of "Hispanic-ness" as it has been expressed in Hispanic civilization around the world and across the centuries.

Steiner, Design for a Vulnerable Planet
Spotlighting innovative design projects in places ranging from Texas to Italy and China, this book sounds a call for architects, designers, and regional planners to create a built environment that works on a regional scale in harmony with the planet's ecology.

Stone, The Jaguar Within: Shamanic Trance in Ancient Central and South American Art
An important new way of viewing the prehistoric art of the Americas, The Jaguar Within demonstrates that understanding a work of art's connection with shamanic trance can lead to an appreciation of it as an extremely creative solution to the inherent challenge of giving material form to nonmaterial realities and states of being.

Talmon and Peleg, Israeli Cinema: Identities in Motion
In the first anthology of its kind in English, leading Israeli film scholars explore how one of the world's most exciting emerging cinemas has become a vibrant site for the representation of Israeli realities.

Taylor, Egyptian Mummies
Richly illustrated with the most superb examples of ancient funerary art found in the British Museum, Egyptian Mummies offers an illuminating account of the beliefs and rituals surrounding mummies, life, death, and the afterlife in ancient Egypt.

Trillin, Trillin on Texas
A remarkably perceptive portrait of the Lone Star State, this collection of pieces from the New Yorker, the Nation, and other publications presents highlights of bestselling author Calvin Trillin's classic writing on subjects ranging from Larry McMurtry, Molly Ivins, the Bush dynasty, and LBJ to barbecue, true crime, Dallas newspaper wars, rare books, lawyers, race, and much more.

Valdes, Organized Agriculture and the Labor Movement before the UFW: Puerto Rico, Hawaii, California
This pioneering comparative study investigates how agricultural workers in Puerto Rico, Hawai'i, and California struggled to organize and create a place for themselves in the institutional life of the United States.

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