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Out of Print Books: K

The below editions are out of print and are no longer available from UT Press. You might be able to find copies through a used book search service, such as Alibris or Bookfinder. If you only need to read rather than own a copy and you are in the United States, you can probably get one of these books through Inter-Library Loan; check your local public library or university library for more information. If the title is in print in another edition, this will be indicated. The lists are sorted by author.

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ISBNTitle and FormatAuthorYear PublishedYear Out of PrintOther Editions
0-292-74313-0Music in Human Life: Anthropological Perspectives on Music - CJohn E. Kaemmer1993Out of print 1998 
0-292-74314-9Music in Human Life: Anthropological Perspectives on Music - PJohn E. Kaemmer1993Out of print 1998 
978-0-292-74344-1Deconstructing the American Mosque: Space, Gender, and Aesthetics - CAkel Ismail Kahera2002Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-74336-XWestern Representations of the Muslim Woman - CMohja Kahf1999Out of print 2002Available in paperback
0-292-78354-XThe Measurement of Modernism: A Study of Values in Brazil and Mexico - CJoseph A. Kahl1968Out of print before 1992 
0-292-75019-6The Measurement of Modernism: A Study of Values in Brazil and Mexico - PJoseph A. Kahl1974Out of print before 1992 
0-292-71137-9Canterbury Cathedral and Its Romanesque SculptureDeborah Kahn1991Out of print 2002 
0-292-72718-6Government and Society in Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir 'Abd al-Rahman Khan - CHasan Kawun Kakar1979Out of print 1994Available in paperback
0-292-74332-7Hanif Kureishi - CKenneth C. Kaleta1997Out of print 2001Available in paperback
0-292-74335-1Aldine Press Books at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center - CCraig Kallendorf1998Out of print 2000 
0-292-74334-3Aldine Press Books at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center - PCraig Kallendorf1998Out of print 2001 
0-89090-034-5The Texas Landscape, 1900-1986 - PSuzie Kalil1986Out of print 1994 
0-292-78510-0The Use of Nonhuman Primates in Cardiovascular Diseases- CSeymour S. Kalter1980Out of print before 1992 
0-292-75139-7Meadows of Memory: Images of Time and Tradition in American Art and CultureMichael Kammen1992Out of print 2001 
0-292-70418-6All That's Left to You: A Novella and Other Stories - PGhassan Kanafani1990Out of print 1992 
0-292-73049-7A History of Hispanic Theatre in the United States: Origins to 1940 - CNicolas Kanellos1990Out of print 1994Available in paperback
0-292-70365-1An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl - CFrances E. Karttunen1983Out of print before 1992Available from University of Oklahoma Press
0-939594-13-7Blacks in Ancient Cypriot Art - PVassos Karageorghis1988Out of print 1998 
0-292-70003-2William Gilpin, Western Nationalist - CThomas L. Karnes1969Out of print before 1992 
0-292-76019-1Capitalism, Slavery, and Republican Values: Antebellum Political Economists, 1819-1848 - CAllen Kaufman1983Out of print 1994 
0-292-74346-7Mixing Race, Mixing Culture - CMonika Kaup and Debra Rosenthal2002Out of print 2004Available in paperback
0-292-74321-1Breaking Out of Beginner Spanish - CJoseph J. Keenan1994Out of print 1999Available in paperback
0-292-75043-9Charlotte Bronte's World of Death - CRobert Keefe1979Out of print 1999 
0-292-71504-8Deciphering the Maya Script - CDavid Kelley1976Out of print before 1992 
0-88360-078-1Early Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church, 1845-1854 - CFranklin Kelly1987Out of print before 1992 
0-292-74331-9Our Joyce: From Outcast to Icon - CJoseph Kelly1997Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-292-74327-0Checkerboards and Shatterbelts: The Geopolitics of South America - CPhilip Kelly1997Out of print 2001Available in paperback
0-292-72055-6Evolution and Vertebrate Immunity: The Antigen-Receptor and MHC Gene Families - CGarnett Kelsoe1987Out of print 1994 
0-292-72048-3Educator's Guide to Texas School Law - PFrank R. Kemerer1986Out of print 1992Current edition
0-292-72047-5Educator's Guide to Texas School Law - CFrank R. Kemerer1986Out of print 1992 
0-292-72070-XEducator's Guide to Texas School Law 2ed - PFrank R. Kemerer1990Out of print 1994 
0-292-72069-6Educator's Guide Sch Law 2ed - CFrank R. Kemerer1990Out of print 1994 
0-292-74319-XEducator's Guide Sch Law 3ed - PFrank R. Kemerer1994Out of print 1996 
0-292-74318-1Educator's Guide Sch Law 3ed - CFrank R. Kemerer1994Out of print 1996 
0-292-74324-6Educator's Guide Sch Law 4th - CFrank R. Kemerer1996Out of print 1998 
0-292-74325-4Educator's Guide Sch Law 4th - PFrank R. Kemerer1996Out of print 2000 
0-292-74341-6Educator's Guide Sch Law 5th - CFrank R. Kemerer2000Out of print 2005 
0-292-74342-4Educator's Guide Sch Law 5th - PFrank R. Kemerer2000Out of print 2006Seventh edition available
0-292-78046-XTexas Teachers Guide - CFrank R. Kemerer1982Out of print before 1992 
0-292-78047-8Texas Teachers Guide - PFrank R. Kemerer1982Out of print before 1992 
0-292-79066-XWilliam Wayne Justice - CFrank R. Kemerer1991Out of print 2000Available in paperback
0-292-70304-XThe Art of Pre-Columbian Mexico: An Annotated Bibliography of Works in English - PAubyn Kendall1974Out of print before 1992 
0-292-71070-4The Technique of Orchestration-Cassette Sup-AKent Wheeler Kennan1981Out of print 1994 
0-292-72705-4Gentilz: Artist of the Old Southwest - CDorothy Steinbo Kendall1974Out of print before 1992 
0-292-72730-5Gentilz: Artist of the Old Southwest - PDorothy Steinbo Kendall1985Out of print 1992 
0-292-74323-8Photo Op - CDavid Hume Kennerly1995Out of print 2001 
0-292-77045-6Rome's Desert Frontier from the Air - CDavid Kennedy and Derrick Riley1990Out of print 2001 
978-0-292-70600-2Coming Attractions: Reading American Movie Trailers - CLisa Kernan2004Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-72468-3Iranian Cities - CMasoud Kheirabadi1991Out of print 1992Available from Syracuse University Press
0-292-74316-5Iranian Cities - PMasoud Kheirabadi1993Out of print 1996Available from Syracuse University Press
0-292-72014-9Eleanor of Aquitaine: Patron and Politician - CWilliam W. Kibler1975Out of print before 1992 
0-292-74317-3The Lancelot-Grail Cycle: Text and Transformations - CWilliam W. Kibler1994Out of print 2004Available in paperback
0-292-78350-7The University of Texas Archives: An Analytical Guide to the Historical Manuscripts Collections in the University of Texas Library - CChester V. Kielman1968Out of print before 1992 
0-292-73656-8John O. Meusebach, German Colonizer in Texas - CIrene Marshall King1966Out of print before 1992Available in paperback
0-292-74329-7True Facts, Tall Tales, and Pure Fiction - CLarry L. King1997Out of print 2006 
0-292-74330-0True Facts, Tall Tales, and Pure Fiction - PLarry L. King1997Out of print 2007 
978-0-292-73676-4The Rock Art of Texas Indians - CForrest Kirkland and Newcomb1996Out of print 2009 
0-292-74326-2The Rock Art of Texas Indians - PForrest Kirkland and W. W. Newcomb1996Out of print 2008 
0-292-70112-8Mainstreams of Medicine: Essays on the Social and Intellectual Context of Medical Practice - CLester S. King1971Out of print before 1992 
978-0-292-70621-7The Colonial Spanish-American City: Urban Life in the Age of Atlantic Capitalism - CJay Kinsbruner2005Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-70369-4American Arms Supermarket - CMichael T. Klare1985Out of print before 1992 
0-292-70370-8American Arms Supermarket - PMichael T. Klare1985Out of print 1995 
0-292-76001-9Modernization, Dislocation, and Aprismo: Origins of the Peruvian Aprista Party, 1870-1932 - CPeter F. Klaren1973Out of print before 1992 
0-292-77592-XSouth American Indian Languages - CHarriet E. M. Klein1985Out of print 1999 
0-89467-075-1I, Claudia - PDiana E. E. Kleiner and Susan B. Matheson1996Out of print 2001 
0-942041-11-9Work of Bernardo de Sahagun - PJ. Jorge Klor De Alva1992Out of print 1992 
0-942041-07-0Maya Hieroglyphic Codices - PYurii Knorozov1987Out of print 1992 
0-292-74338-6Lizards on the Mantel, Burros at the Door: A Big Bend Memoir - CEtta Koch1999Out of print 2006Available in paperback
0-292-76532-0Language and Social Relationship in Brazilian Portuguese - CDale April Koike1992Out of print 2001 
0-292-74301-7Karl Korsch: Revolutionary Theory - CKarl Korsch1977Out of print 1999 
978-0-292-70620-0Mayan Voices for Human Rights: Displaced Catholics in Highland Chiapas - CChristine Kovic2005Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-79063-5An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West - CPhil Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick1998Out of print 2003 
0-292-73841-2Immunology and Cancer - CMargaret L. Kripke1986Out of print 1994 
0-292-70092-XFolklore Methodology - CKaarle Krohn1971Out of print before 1992 
0-292-72432-2Folklore Methodology - PKaarle Krohn1981Out of print 1994 
0-292-73647-9Walt Kuhn - PWalt Kuhn1985Out of print before 1992 
978-0-292-70598-2Spanish American Poetry at the End of the Twentieth Century: Textual Disruptions - CJill S. Kuhnheim2004Out of print 2008Available in paperback
978-0-292-75550-5Birds and Other Wildlife of South Central Texas: A Handbook - CEdward A. Kutac and S. Christopher Caran1994Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-292-75010-2The Microflora of Lakes and Its Geochemical Activity - CS. I. Kuznetsov1975Out of print 1995Available in paperback

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