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Out of Print Books: N

The below editions are out of print and are no longer available from UT Press. You might be able to find copies through a used book search service, such as Alibris or Bookfinder. If you only need to read rather than own a copy and you are in the United States, you can probably get one of these books through Inter-Library Loan; check your local public library or university library for more information. If the title is in print in another edition, this will be indicated. The lists are sorted by author.

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ISBNTitle and FormatAuthorYear PublishedYear Out of PrintOther Editions
0-292-75514-7Natural and Artificial Satellite Motion - CPaul E. Nacozy1979Out of print 1995 
0-292-77537-7System and Succession: The Social Bases of Political Elite Recruitment - CJohn D. Nagle1977Out of print 1994 
0-292-75561-9Homeric Questions - CGregory Nagy1996Out of print 2000Available in paperback
0-292-70553-0Homeric Responses - CGregory Nagy2003Out of print 2007Available in paperback
0-292-70427-5The Archaeology of La Calsada: A Rockshelter in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico - CC. Roger Nance1992Out of print 2006 
0-292-73156-6After San Jacinto: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841 - CJoseph Milton Nance1962Out of print before 1992Available in paperback
0-292-73168-XAttack and Counterattack: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1842 - CJoseph Milton Nance1965Out of print before 1992Available in paperback
0-9741221-3-0David Smith: Drawing + Sculpting - PSteven Nash and Smith2005Out of print 2007 
0-292-75564-3Flight Against Time - PEmily Nasrallah1997Out of print 2001 
978-0-292-71282-9The Maya Tropical Forest: People, Parks, and Ancient Cities - CJames D. Nations2006Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-75556-2Mexican American Youth Organization: Avant-Garde of the Chicano Movement in Texas - CArmando Navarro1995Out of print 2003Available from netLibrary
0-292-75557-0Mexican American Youth Organization: Avant-Garde of the Chicano Movement in Texas - PArmando Navarro1995Out of print 2002Available from netLibrary
978-0-292-75569-7Don Sabino, el Murciélago de la Ciudad : Don Sabino, the City Bat - PLaura Navarro2000Out of print 2008 
978-0-292-75575-8Flores para Lucía, la Murciélaga: Flowers for Lucia, the Bat - PLaura Navarro2001Out of print 2008 
0-292-75567-8Marcelo el Murciélago / Marcelo the Bat - PLaura Navarro1997Out of print 2006 
978-0-963824-89-9Semillas de Barbarita, la Murciélaga: Seeds from Little Barbara, the Bat - PLaura Navarro2002Out of print 2008 
978-0-9742379-0-9Un tesoro inesperado: An Unexpected Treasure - PLaura Navarro2003Out of print 2008 
0-292-70874-2Valentín, un Murciélago Especial: Valentin, a Special Bat - PLaura Navarro1999Out of print 2006 
0-292-73317-8The Normans in South Wales, 1070 to 1171 - CLynn H. Nelson1966Out of print before 1992 
0-292-70367-8The Art of Reciting the Quran - CKristina Nelson 1986Out of print 1993 
0-292-70410-0Art of Birds - PPablo Neruda1989Out of print 1994 
0-292-70371-6Art of Birds - CPablo Neruda1985Out of print 1997 
0-292-72083-1Extravagaria - PPablo Neruda1993Out of print 2000 
0-292-76029-9One Hundred Love Sonnets - CPablo Neruda1986Out of print 1995Available in paperback
0-292-73810-2Istanbul Boy - CAziz Nesin1977Out of print before 1992 
0-292-73809-9Istanbul Boy Vol 1 - PAziz Nesin1977Out of print before 1992Available online
0-292-73820-XIstanbul Boy Vol 2 - PAziz Nesin1979Out of print before 1992 
0-292-73864-1Istanbul Boy Vol 3 - PAziz Nesin1990Out of print 1994 
0-292-73524-3North American Indian Musical Styles - PBruno Nettl1954Out of print before 1992 
0-292-72717-8German Artist on the Texas Frontier, Friedrich Richard Petri - CWilliam W. Newcomb Jr1978Out of print 1995 
0-292-73271-6The Indians of Texas - CWilliam W. Newcomb Jr1961Out of print 1997Available in paperback
0-88360-027-7Dorothea Lange - PBeaumont Newhall1985Out of print before 1992 
0-88360-032-3Todd Webb Photographs - PBeaumont Newhall1985Out of print before 1992 
0-88360-039-0William H. Jackson - CBeaumont Newhall1985Out of print before 1992 
0-292-72714-3German Buenos Aires, 1900-1933: Social Change and Cultural Crisis - CRonald C. Newton1977Out of print 1994Available in paperback
0-292-73198-1The Confederate Quartermaster in the Trans-Mississippi - CJames Nichols1964Out of print before 1992 
0-292-72731-3The Third Reich and the Palestine Question - CFrancis R. Nicosia1986Out of print 1995 
0-292-77005-7Revolution at Queretaro: The Mexican constitutional convention of 1916-1917 - CE V. Niemeyer1974Out of print before 1992 
0-292-73630-4The Modernist Movement in Brazil: A Literary Study- CJohn Nist1966Out of print before 1992 
0-292-73266-XA History of the Texas Medical Association - CPat Ireland Nixon1953Out of print before 1992 
0-292-75566-XThe Passion of David Lynch - CMartha Nochimson1997Out of print 1999Available in paperback
0-292-75578-3Screen Couple Chemistry: The Power of 2 - CMartha P. Nochimson2002Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-939594-36-6The Rothko Chapel Paintings: Origins, Structure, Meaning - CSheldon Nodelman1997Out of print 2006Available in paperback
0-292-75558-9The Mexican Cinema Project - PChon A. Noriega1994Out of print 1996 
0-292-76537-1Joyce's Web: The Social Unraveling of Modernism - CMargot Norris1992Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-292-72715-1Guia Bibliografica para el estudio de la historia ecuatoriana - PRobert E. Norris1979Out of print before 1992 
0-292-75555-4The Impact of Global Warming on Texas - CGerald R. North et al.1994Out of print 2005New edition available
0-292-73039-XAmal and the Shi'a: Struggle for the Soul of Lebanon - CAugustus R. Norton1987Out of print before 1992Available on the ACLS History eBook Project
0-292-73040-3Amal and the Shi'a: Struggle for the Soul of Lebanon - PAugustus R. Norton1987Out of print 2002Available on the ACLS History eBook Project
0-292-75570-8Intercultural Communication - CTracy Novinger2001Out of print 2001Available in paperback
0-292-79059-7The War of the Fatties and Other Stories from Aztec History - CSalvador Novo1993Out of print 2005 
0-292-75554-6The War of the Fatties and Other Stories from Aztec History - PSalvador Novo1993Out of print 2003 
978-0-292-70161-8The Mexican Aristocracy: An Expressive Ethnography, 1910–2000 - CHugo G. Nutini2004Out of print 2008Available in paperback
978-0-292-70695-8Social Stratification and Mobility in Central Veracruz - CHugo Nutini2005Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-77575-XThe Spirit of Man: The Sculpture of Kaare Nygaard - CKaare Nygaard1983Out of print before 1992 

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