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Out of Print Books: V

The below editions are out of print and are no longer available from UT Press. You might be able to find copies through a used book search service, such as Alibris or Bookfinder. If you only need to read rather than own a copy and you are in the United States, you can probably get one of these books through Inter-Library Loan; check your local public library or university library for more information. If the title is in print in another edition, this will be indicated. The lists are sorted by author.

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ISBNTitle and FormatAuthorYear PublishedYear Out of PrintOther Editions
0-292-73170-1The Baboon in Medical Research: Proceedings I - CHarold Vagtborg1965Out of print before 1992 
0-292-73675-4The Baboon in Medical Research: Proceedings II - CHarold Vagtborg1967Out of print before 1992 
0-292-77508-3The Story of Southwest Research Center: A Private, Nonprofit, Scientific Research Adventure - CHarold Vagtborg1973Out of print before 1992 
0-292-78374-4Use of Nonhuman Primates in Drug Evaluation: A Symposium - CHarold Vagtborg1969Out of print before 1992 
0-292-72491-8Andean Lives - CR. Valderrama Fernandez1996Out of print 1998Available in paperback
0-292-70413-5Al Norte: Agricultural Workers in the Great Lakes Region, 1917-1970. - CDennis Nodin Valdes1991Out of print 1999 
0-292-70420-8Al Norte: Agricultural Workers in the Great Lakes Region - PDennis Nodin Valdes1991Out of print 1998 
0-292-78743-XBarrios Norteños: St. Paul and Midwestern Mexican Communities in the Twentieth Century - CDionicio Nodín Valdés2000Out of print 2006Available in paperback
0-292-71591-9The Shattered Mirror: Representations of Women in Mexican Literature - CMaría Elena de Valdés1998Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-292-78733-2Taking the Waters in Texas: Springs, Spas, and Fountains of Youth - CJanet Mace Valenza2000Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-292-71005-4Le Cimetiere Marin - CPaul Valery1972Out of print before 1992 
0-292-71003-8Le Cimetiere Marin - PPaul Valery1972Out of print before 1992 
0-292-74609-1Luces de Bohemia - CRamon Del Valle-Inclan1976Out of print before 1992 
0-292-74610-5Luces de Bohemia - PRamon Del Valle-Inclan1976Out of print before 1992 
0-936227-08-7The Wanderers: Masters of 19th-century Russian Painting : An Exhibition from the Soviet Union - PElizabeth Kridl Valkenier1990Out of print 1994 
0-292-76434-0Ploughshares into Swords: Josiah Gorgas and Confederate Ordnance - PFrank E. Vandiver1952Out of print before 1992 
0-292-78720-0"A Trade like Any Other": Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt - CKarin van Nieuwkerk1995Out of print 2006Available in paperback
978-0-292-71273-7Women Embracing Islam: Gender and Conversion in the West - CKarin van Nieuwkerk2006Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-73062-4Village of the Ghost Bells: A Novel - CEdla Van Steen1991Out of print 1999 
0-292-73063-2Village of the Ghost Bells: A Novel - PEdla Van Steen1991Out of print 1997 
0-292-78375-2El Inca: The Life and Times of Garcilaso de la Vega - CJohn Grier Varner1968Out of print 1999 
0-292-70076-8Urbanization in Twentieth Century Latin America: A Working Bibliography - PDenton R. Vaughan1970Out of print before 1992 
0-292-72019-XEnvironment And Cultural Behavior: Ecological Studies in Cultural Anthropology- PAndrew P. Vayda1976Out of print before 1992 
0-292-78745-6The Lieutenant Nun: Transgenderism, Lesbian Desire, and Catalina de Erauso - CSherry Velasco2001Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-292-70774-6American Furniture in the Bybee Collection - CCharles Veneable1989Out of print 2001 
0-292-78725-1Plants and Animals in the Life of the Kuna - CJorge Ventocilla, Herrera, and Núñez1995Out of print 2005Available in paperback
978-0-292-78737-7Michoacán and Eden: Vasco de Quiroga and the Evangelization of Western Mexico - CBernardino Verástique2000Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-73264-3Henry VIII - CNicolaus Vernulaeus1964Out of print before 1992 
0-292-78735-9The Courthouse Square in Texas - CRobert E. Veselka2000Out of print 2005Available in paperback
0-292-72067-XThe Empty Book - PJosefina Vicens1992Out of print 2001 
0-292-72066-1The Empty Book - CJosefina Vicens1992Out of print 1996 
0-292-78727-8Pericles on Stage - CMichael Vickers1996Out of print 2003Available in paperback
0-292-77613-6Barrio Gangs - CJames Diego Vigil1988Out of print 1995Available in paperback
978-0-292-70291-2Border Identifications: Narratives of Religion, Gender, and Class on the U.S.-Mexico Border - CPablo Vila2005Out of print 2008Available in paperback
0-292-78739-1Crossing Borders, Reinforcing Borders: Social Categories, Metaphors, and Narrative Identities on the U.S.-Mexico Frontier - CPablo Vila2000Out of print 2006Available in paperback
0-292-78016-8Trees of East Texas - CRobert A. Vines1977Out of print before 1992 
0-292-78017-6Trees of East Texas - PRobert A. Vines1977Out of print 2002 
0-292-78019-2Trees of North Texas - PRobert A. Vines1982Out of print 1997 
0-292-78018-4Trees of North Texas - CRobert A. Vines1982Out of print 1998 
0-292-73414-XTrees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of the Southwest - CRobert A. Vines1960Out of print 2000Available from Blackburn Press
0-292-71069-0Changing Perspectives on Menopause - CAnn M. Voda1982Out of print 1999 
0-292-78730-8Sacred Leaves of Candomblé - CRobert Voeks1997Out of print 2001Available in paperback
0-88360-025-0Aunt Clara: The Paintings of Clara McDonald Williamson - CDonald Vogel1985Out of print before 1992 
0-88360-020-XVelox Ward: An Essay and Catalogue to Accompany the Retrospective Exhibition of the Works of Velox Ward - PDonald Vogel1985Out of print before 1992 
0-292-78703-0Frederic Remington and the West: With the Eye of the Mind - CBen M. Vorpahl1978Out of print before 1992 

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