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Out of Print Books: Z

The below editions are out of print and are no longer available from UT Press. You might be able to find copies through a used book search service, such as Alibris or Bookfinder. If you only need to read rather than own a copy and you are in the United States, you can probably get one of these books through Inter-Library Loan; check your local public library or university library for more information. If the title is in print in another edition, this will be indicated. The lists are sorted by author.

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ISBNTitle and FormatAuthorYear PublishedYear Out of PrintOther Editions
0-292-71010-0The Chilean Road To Socialism: Proceedings of an ODEPLAN-IDE Round Table, March 1972 - CJ. Ann Zammit1973Out of print before 1992 
0-292-77633-0A Saint Is Born in Chima - CManuel Zapata Olivella1991Out of print 1999Available in paperback
1-885696-02-7Learn about . . . Texas Indians - PGeorg Zappler1996Out of print 2004UT Press reissue available
0-292-73060-8Hieroglyphs Without Mystery - CKarl-Theodor Zauzich1992Out of print 1996Available in paperback
0-292-76413-8Positivism in Mexico - CLeopoldo Zea1974Out of print before 1992 
0-292-79808-3Behind the Mexican Mountains - CRobert Zingg2001Out of print 2007Available in paperback
0-292-70725-8Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales - CJack Zipes1980Out of print 1994Available from the University Press of Kentucky
0-292-70050-4My Eighty Years in Texas - CWilliam Physick Zuber1971Out of print before 1992 
0-292-75022-6My Eighty Years in Texas - PWilliam Physick Zuber1975Out of print before 1992 
0-292-73850-1Inca Civilization in Cuzco - CR. Tom Zuidema1990Out of print 1999 
0-292-73851-XInca Civilization in Cuzco - PR. Tom Zuidema1990Out of print 1995 
0-292-71034-8Citizens for Decency: Antipornography Crusades as Status Defense - PLouis Zurcher1976Out of print before 1992 
0-292-71032-1Citizens for Decency: Antipornography Crusades as Status Defense - CLouis Zurcher1976Out of print before 1992 
0-292-70051-2Poverty Warriors: The Human Experience of Planned Social Intervention - CLouis Zurcher1970Out of print before 1992 
0-292-79805-9Errant Journeys: Adventure Travel in a Modern Age - PDavid Zurick1995Out of print 2001Available in paperback

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