Asian Music Perspectives on Asian Music: Essays in Honor of Dr. Laurence E. R. Picken, 6, 1/2, 1975

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Front Matter
Preface [to Perspectives on Asian Music: Essays in Honor of Dr. Laurence E. R. Picken]
Fritz A. Kuttner, Fredric Lieberman
On Variability in Kurdish Dance Songs, 1-6
Dieter Christensen
Chinese Traditional Music for Birthday Celebration, 7-12
Chuang Pen-Li
Historische Bemerkungen zur Chinesischen Instrumentenbaukunst der T'ang Die Instrumentenbauerfamilie Lei in Ssu-Ch'uan, 13-14
Martin Gimm (Köln)
Restoration of an Eighth Century Panpipe in the Shōsōin Repository, Nara, Japan, 15-27
Kenzō Hayashi
Langhalslauten in Afghanistan, 28-37
Felix Hoerburger
An Interpretation of the 22 Śrutis, 38-59
N. A. Jairazbhoy
A Method for Comparative Analysis of Japanese Folk Melody by Structural Formulae, 60-87
Goro Kakinoki
The 749-Temperament of Huai Nan Tzu (+ 123 B. C.), 88-112
Fritz A. Kuttner
Texted Tunes in the Mei-An Ch'in-P'u, 113-146
Fredric Lieberman
Chinese Music in the Edo and Meiji Periods in Japan, 147-172
William P. Malm
A Study of Tiao-I, "The Meaning of the Mode", 173-188
David M. Y. Liang
Bemerkungen zu den Âṣik, den Volkssängern der Türkei, 189-206
Kurt Reinhard
Reflections on the Aesthetic Background of the Performing Arts of East Asia, 207-216
A. C. Scott
Buz-Baz: A Musical Marionette of Northern Afghanistan, 217-224
Mark Slobin
Chinese Music in Hawaii, 225-230
Barbara Barnard Smith

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