Asian Music, 10, 1, 1978

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Front Matter
Sufyana Kalam, the Classical Music of Kashmir, 1-16
Jozef Pacholczyk
The Chinese Concept of Program Music, 17-38
Kuo-Huang Han
Ancient Musical Instruments Unearthed in 1972 from the Number One Han Tomb at Ma Wang Tui, Changsha: Translation and Commentary of Chinese Reports, 39-88
Robert T. Mok
Addenda: A Recent News Report and Comments: Treasury of Ancient Musical Instruments Found in a 2400-Year-Old Tomb Recently Excavated in China, 89-91
The Transverse Flute in Traditional Chinese Music, 92-114
Alan Thrasher
Gambuh: A Classical Balinese Dance-Drama, 115-127
I. Made Bandem, Fredrik deBoer
Letter to the Editor, 128
Review Author[s]: Ter Ellingson
Book Reviews
----------------, 129-130
William Pfeiffer
Review Author[s]: Adelaida Reyes Schramm
----------------, 131-133
Madhubhai Patel
Review Author[s]: Laxmi G. Tewari
----------------, 134-137
Karl L. Signell
Review Author[s]: Charlotte F. Albright
----------------, 138-140
Bonnie C. Wade
Review Author[s]: Cathleen B. Read
----------------, 141
Walter Giesen
Review Author[s]: Fredric Lieberman
Back Matter

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