Asian Music, 11, 1, 1979

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Front Matter
Editor's Note
The Modern Chinese Orchestra, 1-43
Han Kuo-Huang, Judith Gray
An Early Arabic Songbook for Schools, 44-58
Amnon Shiloah
Concept and Treatment in Javanese Gamelan Music, with Reference to the Gambang, 59-79
R. Anderson Sutton
Ritual and Music in South India: Syrian Christian Liturgical Music in Kerala, 80-98
Israel J. Ross
Fictive Performances: Oriental Music in Alexandre Dumas' the Count of Monte Cristo, 99-105
Joan DeJean
Book Reviews
----------------, 106-108
Fredric Lieberman
Review Author[s]: Lindy Li Mark
----------------, 109-110
Walter Kaufman
Review Author[s]: Fred Lieberman
----------------, 111-114
Walter Kaufman
Review Author[s]: T. Viswanathan
----------------, 115-117
Review Author[s]: Ja Fran Jones
----------------, 117-120
Salah el-Mahdi
Review Author[s]: Ja Fran Jones
Record Reviews
----------------, 121-123
David Lewiston
Review Author[s]: Daniel M. Neuman
The History of Music in Sound. Vol. 1, Ancient and Oriental Music
Gerald Abraham, Egon Wellesz
Music of Thailand
Howard K. Kaufman
Alain Danielou
Traditional Music of Southern Laos
Jacques Brunet
Laos: l'art du khene
Jacques Brunet
Visages du... Laos
Marc Reinhorn
Review Author[s]: Terry E. Miller, Jarernchai Chonpairot
The Nuns of Gethsemane Sing Russian-Orthodox Prayer Chants
The Nuns of Gethsemane
Anthology of Musical Traditions in Israel: Hassidic Tunes of Dancing and Rejoicing
Andre Hajdu, Yaacov Mazor
Morasha: Traditional Jewish Musical Heritage
Amnon Shiloah
Greek-Jewish Musical Traditions
Amnon Shiloah
Bedouin Music of Southern Sinai
Amnon Shiloah
Review Author[s]: Mark Slobin
Film Reviews
----------------, 144-147
Johanna Spector
Johanna Spector
Review Author[s]: Elise Barnett
Addenda: Sufyana Kalam, the Classical Music of Kashmir, 148
Back Matter

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