Asian Music, 12, 2, 1981

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Front Matter
A Discussion on Chinese National Musical Traditions, 1-16
Fang Kun, Keith Pratt, Robert C. Provine, Alan Thrasher
The Sociology of Chinese Music: An Introduction, 17-53
Alan R. Thrasher
The Musical Practice of the Gamelan Sekaten, 54-73
Dualism in Unity: The Ceremonial Music of the Mandailing Raja Tradition, 74-108
Margaret J. Kartomi
Symbolic Techniques in Japanese Koto-Kumiuta, 109-132
Gen'ichi Tsuge
Review-Essay: Four Tibetan Recordings, 133-151
Tibetan Folk Songs from Lhasa and Amdo
R. Belfield, A. Robin Broadbank, Barbara Aziz
The Songs of Milarepa
R. Belfield, A. Robin Broadbank, Barbara Aziz
Tibetan Mystic Song
Stephan Beyer
Songs of Gods and Demons: Ritual and Theatrical Music of Tibet
Stephan Beyer
Review Author[s]: Ter Ellingson
Back Matter

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