Asian Music, 13, 1, 1981

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Front Matter
In Memory of Konrad Bekker, 1-3
Music in Contemporary Cairo: A Comparative Overview, 4-26
Ali Jihad Racy
The Social Context of Cirebonese Performing Artists, 27-41
Endo Suanda
Intrinsic Aesthetics in Balinese Artistic and Spiritual Practice, 42-52
Ed Herbst
The Glove Puppet Theater (po te hi) in Malaysia, 53-72
Sooi-Beng Tan
Instruments and Songs of Sumba, Indonesia: A Preliminary Survey, 73-83
Monni Adams
Nāga-Kālam: A Musical Trance Ceremonial of Kerala (India), 84-96
Carol S. Reck, David Reck
Introduction to the Šašmaqam, 97-118
F. M. Karomatov, I. Radjaboy, Theodore Levin
Quintuple Meter in Korean Instrumental Music, 119-129
Lee Hye-ku
Book Reviews
----------------, 130-132
Samuel L. Leiter
Review Author[s]: William P. Malm
----------------, 133-134
Paul Collaer, Emmy Bernatzik, Jacques Brunet, Ernst Heins, Mantle Hood, Margaret King, José Maceda, Hans Oesch, Trán Van Khê, G. van Wengen
Review Author[s]: Elise B. Barnett
----------------, 135-140
Bonnie Wade
Review Author[s]: T. Viswanathan
----------------, 141-142
Schéhérazade Qassim Hassan
Review Author[s]: Gen'ichi Tsuge
Letter to the Editor: An Article Clarification [Symbolic Techniques in Japanese Koto-Kumiuta], 143
Gen'ichi Tsuge
Report on the Third German-Japanese Symposium on Traditional Japanese Music in Cologne (1981), 144-146
Ingrid Fritsch
Back Matter

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