Asian Music, 13, 2, 1982

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Front Matter
The Long Necked Lute in Iraq, 1-18
Scheherazade Qassim Hassan
Concerning the Variants of "Lao Lioban", 19-30
Huang Jinpei, Alan R. Thrasher
Chuida Music of Sunan, 31-38
Peng Xiuwen, Phoebe Hsu
Drums of India: A Pictorial Selection, 39-54
Carol S. Reck, D. B. Reck
Siamese Music, 55-90
Phra Chen Duriyanga
The Sheähs and the Taziêh, or Passion-Play of Persia, 91-114
S. G. W. Benjamin
The Role of Amateur Participants in the Arts of nō in Contemporary Japan, 115-133
Irmgard Johnson
Erratum: The Sociology of Chinese Music: An Introduction, 151
Back Matter

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