Asian Music, 18, 1, Fall, 1986/ November, 1986

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Front Matter
Earliest Reports about the Music of the Mongols, 1-19
Ernst Emsheimer, Robert Carroll
Peasant's Pilgrimage: A Ballad from Afghan Turkistan, 20-34
Richard Tapper
The Early History of the Vīṇā and Bīn in South and Southeast Asia, 35-55
Louise Wrazen
Restructuring the Fixed Pitches of the Vietnamese dan Nguyet Lute: A Modification Necessitated by the Modal System, 56-70
Phong Th. Nguyen
Gandrung and Angklung from Banyuwangi; Remnants of a Past Shared with Bali, 71-90
Paul Arthur Wolbers
Jaipongan: Indigenous Popular Music of West Java, 91-110
Peter Manuel, Randall Baier
Music in Modern Malaysia: A Survey of the Musics Affecting the Development of Malaysian Popular Music, 111-138
James D. Chopyak
Musical Life in Nineteenth-Century Calcutta as a Component in the History of a Secondary Urban Center, 139-163
Charles Capwell
R. G. Kiesewetter's "Die Musik der Araber": A Pioneering Ethnomusicological Study of Arabic Writings on Music, 164-196
Philip V. Bohlman
Book Reviews
----------------, 197-200
Van Khe. Tran, Gisela Kiehl
Review Author[s]: Phong Nguyen
----------------, 201-202
Michael E. Kinnear
Review Author[s]: Gregory D. Booth
----------------, 203-205
Elizabeth J. Markham
Review Author[s]: David Fish
----------------, 206-207
Terry E. Miller
Review Author[s]: Margaret J. Kartomi
----------------, 208-211
Wim. van der Meer
Review Author[s]: Peter Manuel
Record Review
----------------, 212-213
Riley Kelly Lee, Ralph Samuelson
Review Author[s]: Donald Berger
Back Matter

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