Asian Music East and Southeast Asia, 19, 2, Spring, 1988/ Summer, 1988

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Volume Information
Front Matter
Hakka-Chaozhou Instrumental Repertoire: An Analytic Perspective on Traditional Creativity, 1-30
Alan R. Thrasher
Nanguan Music Repertoire: Categories, Notation, and Performance Practice, 31-70
Nora Yeh
Fu Ho U vs. Do Re Mi: The Technology of Notation Systems and Implications of Change in the Shakuhachi Tradition of Japan, 71-81
Riley Kelly Lee
Names and Civil Service Titles of Siamese Musicians, 82-92
Pamela Myers-Moro
A Phonetic Description of Voice Quality in Javanese Traditional Female Vocalists, 93-126
Gloria R. Poedjosoedarmo
J. A. Van Aalst and His Chinese Music, 127-130
Han Kuo-huang
Book Reviews
----------------, 161-164
Philip Yampolsky
Review Author[s]: Roger Vetter
----------------, 165-176
Don Michael Randel
Review Author[s]: Terry E. Miller, Judith Frigyesi, Gregory Booth, George Dimitri Sawa
Record Review: Phono-Cassette Review
----------------, 177-179
Amy Catlin
Review Author[s]: Terry E. Miller

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