Asian Music, 21, 1, Fall, 1989/ Winter, 1990

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Front Matter
From the Editor
Martin Hatch
At the Border of Sound and Silence: The Use and Function of Pathetan in Javanese Gamelan, 1-34
Benjamin Brinner
Jazz in India: Perspectives on Historical Development and Musical Acculturation, 35-77
Warren R. Pinckney Jr.
Thai Cassettes and Their Covers: Two Case Histories, 78-104
Deborah Wong
Current Developments in Sundanese Popular Music, 105-136
Sean Williams
The Performing Arts in Malaysia: State and Society, 137-171
Sooi Beng Tan
----------------, 172-173
Veronica Doubleday
Review Author[s]: Mark Slobin
----------------, 173-176
Hans Engel
Review Author[s]: Eckhard Neubauer
----------------, 177-179
Yukō Kamisango, Christopher Yohmei Blasdel
Review Author[s]: Donald Paul Berger
----------------, 179-181
Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy
Review Author[s]: Roderic C. Knight

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