Asian Music, 22, 1, Fall, 1990/ Winter, 1991

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Front Matter
Japanese "New Folk Songs," Old and New, 1-49
David W. Hughes
Music and Tradition in Yemen, 51-71
Philip D. Schuyler
Cultural Authority and Authenticity in the Turkish Repertoire, 73-111
Walter Feldman
"Min al-Mashāyikh": A View of Egyptian Musical Tradition, 113-127
Virginia Danielson
The Ideology of Musical Practice and the Professional Turkish Folk Musician: Tempering the Creative Impulse, 129-145
Irene Markoff
Book Reviews
----------------, 147-150
John Baily
Review Author[s]: Philip Schuyler
----------------, 150-153
James Sadler Hamilton
Review Author[s]: Allyn Miner
----------------, 154-156
Habib Hassan Touma
Review Author[s]: John O'Connell
----------------, 156-160
Review Author[s]: Phong Nguyen
Record Reviews
----------------, 161-165
Carl Signell, Sally Monsour
Carl Signell, Patrician Shehan Campbell
Carl Signell, William M. Anderson
Review Author[s]: Caroline Card Wendt
----------------, 166-167
Karl Signell, Richard Spottswood, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Center for Turkish Music
Review Author[s]: Leslie Hall
----------------, 167-172
Yashwat Jani, Chandrakantha Courtney, Anuradha Subramanian, Anuradha Sridhar, Shankar Bhattacharyya, David Courtney, G. C. Balachandar, Arti Sadhwani, Seema Sadhwani
Review Author[s]: Gregory Booth
----------------, 173-174
Amy Catlin
Review Author[s]: Sam-Ang Sam
----------------, 174-176
Roger Vetter, Music of the World
Review Author[s]: Sumarsam
----------------, 176-178
Kecak Ganda Sari, I Gusti Putra, David Lewiston
Review Author[s]: Annette Sanger

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