Asian Music, 23, 2, Spring, 1992/ Summer, 1992

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Front Matter
The Cultural Show: Is It Culture or What and for Whom?, 1-62
Carol Rubenstein
"An Evening in the Orient": The Middle Eastern Nightclub in America, 63-88
Anne Rasmussen
Some Observations on the "Dung Chen" of the Nechung Monastery, 89-96
Brian Pertl
Sacred Kettledrums in the Temples of Central Nepal, 97-103
Carol Tingey
Music in Ming Daily Life, as Portrayed in the Narrative "Jin Ping Mei", 105-134
Wei-hua Zhang
l'Oreille Islamique Dix Années Capitales de la Vie Musicale en Iran: 1980-1990, 135-164
Jean During
Book Reviews
----------------, 165-168
Neil Sorrell
Review Author[s]: Han Kuo-Huang
----------------, 168-171
Hormoz Farhat
Review Author[s]: Margaret Caton
----------------, 172-176
Jean During, Zia Mirabdolbaghi, Dariush Safvat
Review Author[s]: Margaret Caton
----------------, 176-178
Tsao Pen-yeh
Review Author[s]: Chia Chun Chu
----------------, 179-180
C. Andrew Gerstle, Kyoshi Inobe, William P. Malm
Review Author[s]: Susan Asai
Record Reviews
----------------, 181-184
Georges Luneau, Bhaskar Bhattacharyya
Pribislav Pitoëff
Review Author[s]: Jim Kippen
----------------, 185-188
Kim Chukp'a (kayagûm), Kim Tongjun (changgo)
Sông Kûmyôn (kayagûm), Kim Myônghwan (changgo)
Review Author[s]: Robert C. Provine

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