Asian Music, 24, 1, Fall, 1992/ Winter, 1993

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Front Matter
From the Editor
The Bāroţs of Gujarati-Speaking Western India: Musicianship and Caste Identity, 1-17
Gordon Thompson
Features of the Kṛiti: A Song Form Developed by Tyāgarāja, 19-66
William Jackson
Aspects of Cosmological Symbolism in Hindusthani Musical Forms, 67-89
Robert Simms
Symposium: Popular Music and Media Culture in South Asia
Book Reviews
----------------, 137-140
Marina Roseman
Review Author[s]: Margaret Sarkissian
----------------, 141-145
Margaret J. Kartomi
Review Author[s]: Beverley Diamond
----------------, 146-151
Mallay Kant-Achilles, Friedrich Seltmann, Rūdiger Schumacher
Review Author[s]: René T. A. Lysloff
----------------, 152-154
Review Author[s]: Alison Arnold
----------------, 155-156
The International Shakuhachi Society
Review Author[s]: Donald Berger
Recording Reviews
----------------, 157-158
Laxmi G. Tewari
Review Author[s]: Roderic Knight
----------------, 159-161
Jack Body, Nicholas Wheeler
Review Author[s]: Lu Guang
----------------, 162-165
Wolfgang Laade
Review Author[s]: Daniel Mantey

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