Asian Music, 24, 2, Spring, 1993/ Summer, 1993

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Front Matter
From the Editor
Freedom and Formulaity in the "Suling" Playing of Bapak Tarnopangrawit, 1-37
Benjamin Brinner
The Interface between Theory and Practice: Intonation in Arab Music, 39-58
Scott Marcus
Preliminary Thoughts toward the Study of Music without Clear Beat: The Example of "Flowing Rhythm" in Jewish "Nusah", 59-88
Judit Frigyesi
Forgotten Patterns: "Mirkhand" and Amir Khan, 89-109
Thomas W. Ross
Review Essay, 111-188
The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance: [Asia]
Fujii Tomoaki, Omori Yasuhiro, Sakurai Tetsuo, Ichikawa Katsumori, Nakagawa Kunihiko, Ichihashi Yuji, Richard Emmert, Minegishi Yuki
Review Author[s]: Terry E. Miller, Margaret Walker Dilling, J. Lawrence Witzleben, Lu Guang, Phong Nguyen, Sam-Ang Sam, Judith Becker, Patricia Matusky-Yamaguchi, Adelaida Reyes Schramm, David Harnish, Sean Williams, Amy Catlin, Nazir Jairazbhoy, L. JaFran Jones, Józef Pacholczyk

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