Asian Music, 29, 1, Fall, 1997/ Winter, 1998

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Front Matter
Garhwali Bagpipes: Syncretic Processes in a North Indian Regional Musical Tradition, 1-16
Andrew Alter
Music, Identity, and Images of India in the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora, 17-35
Peter Manuel
From Oxymoron to Reality: Agendas of Gender and the Rise of Balinese Women's "Gamelan Beleganjur" in Bali, Indonesia, 37-85
Michael B. Bakan
Music for the Gods: Musical Transmission and Change in Iwami "Kagura", 87-123
Terence Lancashire
Book Reviews
----------------, 125-128
Japp Kunst, Ernst Heins, Elisabeth den Otter, Felix van Lamsweerde
Review Author[s]: Roger Vetter
----------------, 128-133
J. Lawrence Witzleben
Review Author[s]: Daniel Ferguson
Audio Recording Reviews
----------------, 134-138
Ralph Leighton
David Lewiston
Review Author[s]: Nina Egert
----------------, 138-141
I Wayan Sadra
Review Author[s]: Evan Ziporyn
Back Matter

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