Asian Music, 30, 1, Fall, 1998/ Winter, 1999

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Front Matter
Historical Representations, Performance Spaces, and Kinship Themes in Indian-Caribbean Popular Song Texts, 1-33
Tina K. Ramnarine
Yamada Shôtarô: Japan's First Shamisen Professor, 35-76
William P. Malm
The Genres of the Nenets Songs, 77-132
Jarkko Niemi
The Music-Culture of South-Coast West Sumatra: Backwater of the Minangkabau "Heartland" or Home of the Sacred Mermaid and the Earth Goddess?, 133-181
Margaret J. Kartomi
Book Reviews
----------------, 183-185
Virginia Danielson
Review Author[s]: Dwight F. Reynolds
----------------, 185-190
Casey Man Kong Lum
Review Author[s]: Su Zheng
----------------, 190-193
Heidi von Gunden
Review Author[s]: Evan Ziporyn
Audio Recording Reviews
----------------, 194-197
Gamelan Pacifica
Review Author[s]: Marc Perlman
----------------, 197-199
Laurent Aubert, Paul Meyer, Jean-Luc Meylan
Review Author[s]: Gordon Thompson
----------------, 199-203
Ashwin Batish, Shiv Dayal Batish, David Harnish
Shivkumar Sharma, Brijbushan Kabra, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Manikrai Popatker, G. N. Joshi
L. Shankar, Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram
Review Author[s]: Richard Wolf
----------------, 203-205
The Dayan Ancient Music Association, Robin Broadbank
Review Author[s]: Cynthia Wong
----------------, 205-210
Philip Yampolsky
Review Author[s]: Henry Spiller
Back Matter

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