Asian Music, 30, 2, Spring, 1999/ Summer, 1999

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Front Matter
Minyo in Korea: Songs of the People and Songs for the People, 1-37
Keith Howard
The Social Life of Genre: The Dynamics of Folksong in China, 39-86
Sue Tuohy
"Classical Music," "Folk Music," and the Brahmanical Temple in Kerala, India, 87-112
Rolf Groesbeck
Patterns of Social Organization in the Sabbath and Holy Day Services of the Karaite Community in Israel, 113-133
Rachel Kollender
Book Reviews
----------------, 135-139
Stephen Jones
Review Author[s]: Su Zheng
----------------, 139-143
Bonnie C. Wade
Review Author[s]: Allyn Miner
----------------, 143-149
Edward Herbst
Review Author[s]: Brita Renée Heimarck
----------------, 149-153
Craig A. Lockard
Review Author[s]: R. Anderson Sutton
----------------, 153-155
Toru Mitsui, Shuhei Hosokawa
Review Author[s]: Susan Lee
Audio Recording Reviews
----------------, 155-157
Hugo Zemp
Review Author[s]: Terry E. Miller
----------------, 157-160
Christopher Basile
Review Author[s]: David Harnish
----------------, 161-163
Hans Weisethaunet, Jan Erik Kongshaug
Review Author[s]: David Henderson
----------------, 164-166
Franck Bernède
Review Author[s]: Hans Weisethaunet
Video Recording Review
----------------, 166-168
Amy Catlin
Review Author[s]: Terry E. Miller
Back Matter

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