Asian Music, 31, 1, Fall, 1999/ Winter, 2000

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Volume Information
Front Matter
Errata: Minyo in Korea: Songs of the People and Songs for the People
Kim Inu's "'P'ungmulgut' and Communal Spirit": Edited and Translated with an Introduction and Commentary, 1-34
Nathan Hesselink
Desi Music Vibes: The Performance of Indian Youth Culture in Chicago, 35-61
Gregory Diethrich
The Development of the "Gamelan Semara Dana" and the Expansion of the Modal System in Bali, Indonesia, 63-93
Andrew C. McGraw
Book Reviews
----------------, 177-179
Mary Frances Dunham
Review Author[s]: Anna MacIszewski
----------------, 179-183
A. Kimi Coaldrake
Review Author[s]: Anne Prescott
----------------, 183-186
Jean Lambert
Review Author[s]: Anne K. Rasmussen
Audio Recording Reviews
----------------, 187-188
Anne K. Rasmussen
Review Author[s]: Daniel Atesh Sonnenborn
----------------, 188-191
David Harnish, Mitch Miller, Silvio Soave
Review Author[s]: Lisa Gold
----------------, 192-194
François Picard, Wang Jingxian, Huang Yique, Xu Ruilian, Chen Zhijie, Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
Review Author[s]: Nancy Guy
Back Matter

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