Asian Music, 31, 2, Spring, 2000/ Summer, 2000

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Front Matter
Spoken Theater, La Scène Tonkinoise, and the First Modern Vietnamese Songs, 1-33
Jason Gibbs
Professional Chinese Opera Troupes and Street Opera Performance in Singapore, 35-70
Lee Tong Soon
Folk Song Genres and Their Melodies in India: Music Use and Genre Process, 71-106
Edward O. Henry
The "Huayue Tuan" (Chinese Orchestra) in Malaysia: Adapting to Survive, 107-128
Tan Sooi Beng
"Kotoba" ("Sung" Speech) in Japanese Nō Theater: Gender Distinctions in Structure and Performance, 129-166
Zvika Serper
Book Reviews
----------------, 167-169
Stawomira Zeranska-Kominek, Arnold Lebeuf
Review Author[s]: Irene Markoff
----------------, 169-173
Walter Feldman
Review Author[s]: Irene Markoff
Audio Recording Reviews
----------------, 173-177
World Music Network, Paul Fisher
Review Author[s]: Susan M. Asai
----------------, 177-180
I Madé Lasmawan, Jill Fredericksen, Mark Fuller, Tunas Mekar
Review Author[s]: Linda Burman-Hall
----------------, 180-183
Gyanu Radha Gorkhali, Parshuram Bhandari, Achyut Ram Bhandari, Prakash Chandra Pathak, Music Nepal (P.) Ltd.
Prem Rana Autari, Bijaya Vaidya, Surendra Shrestha, Sur Sudha, Guy Gray
Review Author[s]: David Henderson
----------------, 183-185
Mickey Hart
Review Author[s]: Michael Tenzer
Back Matter

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