Asian Music, 32, 2, Spring, 2001/ Summer, 2001

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Front Matter
Multiple Voices, Multiple Selves: Song Style and North Indian Women's Identity, 1-40
Amelia MacIszewski
More than Meets the Eye and Ear: Gamelans and Their Meaning in a Central Javanese Palace, 41-92
Roger Vetter
Chou Wen-Chung's Cross-Cultural Experience and His Musical Synthesis: The Concept of Syncretism Revisited, 93-118
Peter Chang
"Gagaku" in the Provinces: Imperial Court Music at the Ikeda Fief at Bizen, 119-141
Larry V. Shumway
The Structure of Principal Court Musics of East and Southeast Asia, 143-178
José MacEda
Book Reviews
----------------, 179-182
Hans Weisethaunet
Review Author[s]: David Henderson
----------------, 182-186
Bruno Nettl, Melinda Russell
Review Author[s]: Gordon Thompson
----------------, 187-190
Joep Bor
Review Author[s]: Steven Curtis
Audio Recording Review
----------------, 190-193
Philip Yampolsky
Philip Yampolsky
Philip Yampolsky
Review Author[s]: Made Mantle Hood
----------------, 193-198
Philip Yampolsky
Philip Yampolsky
Philip Yampolsky
Review Author[s]: Brita Heimarck
----------------, 198-200
Alan Lomax
Review Author[s]: Edward Henry
----------------, 200-203
Alain Danièlou
Review Author[s]: Christopher Adler
Back Matter

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