Asian Music, 33, 1, Fall, 2001/ Winter, 2002

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Front Matter
Rural Javanese "Tradition" and Erotic Subversion: Female Dance Performance in Banyumas (Central Java), 1-24
René T. A. Lysloff
"Kagura" - A "Shinto" Dance? Or Perhaps Not, 25-59
Terence Lancashire
Singing a Dance: Navigating the Musical Soundscape in "Nihon Buyo", 61-74
Tomie Hahn
Individuality and "Writing" in Javanese Music Learning, 75-103
R. Anderson Sutton
Melodic Structure of the "Kharī Birahā" of North India: A Simple Mode, 105-124
Edward O. Henry
Book Reviews
----------------, 125-126
João Soares Santos
Review Author[s]: Júlia-Miguel R. Bernardes
----------------, 126-127
Akira Tamba
Review Author[s]: Bruno Deschênes
----------------, 127-129
Michael B. Bakan
Review Author[s]: Sean Williams
----------------, 129-130
Trân Van Khê
Review Author[s]: Bruno Deschênes
----------------, 130-131
Joseph S. C. Lam
Review Author[s]: Ping-Hui Li
----------------, 131
Hugh De Ferranti
Alan R. Thrasher
Review Author[s]: Bruno Deschênes
Śarngadeva and His Sangīta-ratnākara: Proceedings of the Seminar, Varanasi
Prem Lata Sharma
Sangitaratnākara of Sārngadeva: Text and English Translation
R. K. Shringy, Prem Lata Sharma
The Nātyaśastra: English Translation with Critical Notes
Adya Rangacharya
Nartananirnaya of Pandarika Vitthala. Volume II
R. Sathyanarayana
Nartananirnaya of Pandarika Vitthala. Volume III
R. Sathyanarayana
Tarjuma-i-Mānakutūhala & Risāla-i-Rāgadarpana
Shahab Sarmadee
Tyagaraja and the Renewal of Tradition: Translations and Reflections
William Jackson
Songs of Three Great South Indian Saints
William Jackson
Rāsalīlā: A Musical Study of Religious Drama in Vraja
Selina Thielemann
Sounds of the Sacred: Religious Music in India
Selina Thielemann
The Darbhanga Tradition: Dhrupada in the School of Pandit Vidur Mallik
Selina Thielemann
Krishna's Musicians: Musicians and Music Making in the Temples of Nathdvara, Rajasthan
Anne-Marie Gaston
The Gramophone Company's First Indian Recordings: 1899-1908
Michael Kinnear
Review Author[s]: Peter Manuel
Audio Recording Reviews
----------------, 136-140
Archives Internationales de musique populaire, Musée d'ethnographie in Genèva, Jean During
Review Author[s]: Inna Naroditskaya
----------------, 141-143
Philip Yampolsky
Review Author[s]: R. Anderson Sutton
----------------, 143-146
Archives internationales de musique populaire/Musee d'ethnographie, Geneva, Rolf Killius
Review Author[s]: Rolf Groesbeck
Video Recording Review
----------------, 146-148
Martin Clayton, Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Robert Philip
Review Author[s]: Gordon Thompson
Back Matter

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