Asian Music, 34, 1, Fall, 2002/ Winter, 2003

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Front Matter
Japanese Popular Music in Singapore and the Hybridization of Asian Music, 1-18
Benjamin Wai-ming Ng
"Who Needs 'The Folk'?" A Nepali Remodeling Project, 19-42
David Henderson
Nepal's "Lok Pop" Music: Representations of the Folk, Tropes of Memory, and Studio Technologies, 43-65
Paul D. Greene
"Adat ni Gondang": Rules and Structure of the "Gondang" Performance in Pre-Christian Toba Batak "Adat" Practice, 67-109
Mauly Purba
Contemporary Indonesian Composition: Elastic-Edged Experimentalism, 111-153
Ann Warde
Book Reviews
----------------, 155-158
Alison Arnold
Review Author[s]: Kathryn Hansen
----------------, 158-160
Daniele Sestili
Review Author[s]: Benjamin Lapidus
Audio Recording Reviews
----------------, 161-163
Jonas Baes
Review Author[s]: Christi-Anne Castro
----------------, 163-167
World Music Network
Review Author[s]: Henry Spiller
Video Recording Reviews
----------------, 167-170
Emma Zevik, Zhong Chen
Review Author[s]: Helen Rees
----------------, 170-173
Nazir Jairazbhoy, Amy Catlin
Review Author[s]: Stephen Slawek
Letters to the Editor
Back Matter

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