Cinema Journal, 8, 2, Spring, 1969

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Front Matter
The Seventeen Preliminary Scripts of "A Day at the Races", 2-9
Joseph Adamson
The Roadrunner and Other Characters, 10-16
Chuck Jones
Memories of Mr. Magoo, 17-24
Howard Rieder
The Impressionism of "Elvira Madigan", 25-31
Allen K. Schwartz
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
Animators, Directors, and a Host of Critics
----------------, 32-33
Ralph Stephenson
Richard Schickel
Review Author[s]: John Tibbetts
----------------, 33-35
Andrew Sarris
Andrew Sarris
Review Author[s]: Michael Budd
----------------, 35-38
Pauline Kael
Bosley Crowther
Judith Crist
John Simon
Richard Schickel, John Simon
Review Author[s]: Richard Dyer MacCann
----------------, 38-40
Raymond Durgnat
Raymond Durgnat
Raymond Durgnat
Raymond Durgnat
Review Author[s]: John L. Fell
Back Matter

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