Cinema Journal, 9, 2, Spring, 1970

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Front Matter
What Does the past Foretell?, 1
The Cartridges Are Coming, 2-12
Richard Kahlenberg, Chloe Aaron
On Hollywood. And Valentino, 13-23
H. L. Mencken
"The Gold Rush" and "The General", 24-30
Gerald Mast
The Camera as Snowball: France 1918-1927, 31-39
Ronald H. Blumer
Theories of Film Music, 40-47
Douglas W. Gallez
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 48-51
Angelo Solmi, Elizabeth Greenwood
Gilbert Salachas, Rosalie Siegel
Review Author[s]: Peter Harcourt
----------------, 51-53
Peter Wollen
Robert Richardson
Review Author[s]: Christian Koch
----------------, 53-55
Richard S. Randall
Robert Hamilton Ball
Review Author[s]: Richard Dyer MacCann
----------------, 55-56
Dwight Macdonald
Hollis Alpert, Andrew Sarris
Review Author[s]: Richard Geary
Back Matter

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