Cinema Journal, 12, 1, Fall, 1972

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Front Matter
Annual Meeting, 1
The Loss of Community: Six European Directors, 2-10
Peter Harcourt
The "Heart of Darkness" in "Citizen Kane", 11-25
Hubert Cohen
Dixon, Griffith, and the Southern Legend, 26-45
Russell Merritt
Sinclair Lewis and the Movies, 46-56
Kenneth W. Munden
"Touch of Evil": Style Expressing Content, 57-63
Eric M. Krueger
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 64-66
I. C. Jarvie
Review Author[s]: Calvin Pryluck
----------------, 66-69
Robert M. Henderson
Robert M. Henderson
Harry M. Geduld
Fred Silva
Review Author[s]: Ron Mottram
----------------, 69-70
Ronald Gottesman
Roy Huss
Birgitta Steene
Donald W. McCaffrey
Albert J. LaValley
Review Author[s]: H. Wayne Schuth
----------------, 70-72
Lewis Jacobs
G. Roy Levin
Review Author[s]: Peter Harcourt
Back Matter

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