Cinema Journal, 12, 2, Spring, 1973

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Front Matter
Japanese Swordfighters and American Gunfighters, 1-21
J. L. Anderson
"This Is America": Documentaries for Theaters, 1942-1951, 22-38
Richard Meran Barsam
Grierson at University, 39-47
Jack C. Ellis
"Kes" and the Press, 48-55
William Stephenson
Darling, This Is Bigger than Both of Us, 56-64
John L. Fell
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 65-66
John Russell Taylor
Review Author[s]: Judy Adamson
----------------, 66-71
Georges Sadoul, Peter Morris
Georges Sadoul, Peter Morris
Review Author[s]: Edwin Jahiel
----------------, 71-74
Vachel Lindsay
Thorold Dickinson
Review Author[s]: Kristin Thompson
----------------, 74-77
Raymond Durgnat
Elizabeth Sussex
Review Author[s]: Mark Johnson
----------------, 77-79
David Manning White, Richard Averson
Herman G. Weinberg
Review Author[s]: James Spellerberg
----------------, 79-80
Roger Manvell, Heinrich Fraenkel
Review Author[s]: John Hess
Back Matter

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