Cinema Journal, 13, 1, Fall, 1973

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Front Matter
The Eisenstein-Prokofiev Correspondence, 1-16
Ronald Levaco
Object-Subject Relationships in German Expressionist Cinema, 17-24
John S. Titford
Game Theory and "The Rules of the Game", 25-34
George A. Wood Jr.
Sound Track: "The Rules of the Game", 35-44
Michael Litle
Luis Bunuel: The Process of Dissociation in Three Films, 45-48
Elisabeth H. Lyon
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 49-51
Raymond Fielding
Review Author[s]: Douglas W. Gallez
----------------, 52-54
Jim Kitses
Colin McArthur
Review Author[s]: Michael Budd
----------------, 54-55
Kevin MacDonnell
Anita Ventura Mozley
Review Author[s]: Richard H. Martin
----------------, 55-56
Roger Manvell, Lewis Jacobs
George Rehrauer
James L. Limbacher
Ronald Gottesman, Harry M. Geduld
Review Author[s]: Frank Manchel
Annual Meeting
Back Matter

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