Cinema Journal, 13, 2, Spring, 1974

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Front Matter
About Bergman: Some Critical Responses to His Films, 1-10
Birgitta Steene
The Torment of Insight: Youth and Innocence in the Films of Ingmar Bergman, 11-22
Stuart M. Kaminsky
Devils in the Cathedral: Bergman's Trilogy, 23-33
William Alexander
From "L 136": A Diary of Ingmar Bergman's "Winter Light", 34-40
Vilgot Sjoman
Susanne Langer's Film Theory: Elaboration and Implications, 41-54
Courtenay Wyche Beinhorn
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 55-58
Donald Bogle
Ralph E. Friar, Natasha Friar
Dorothy Dandridge, Earl Conrad
Edward Mapp
Jim Pines
Review Author[s]: Thomas Cripps
----------------, 58-63
Leo Braudy
André Bazin, W. W. Halsey II, William H. Simon
Review Author[s]: William Gilcher
----------------, 63-64
Gerald Mast
Review Author[s]: William Rothman
Retrospective Remarks
And Prospective Queries
Back Matter

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