Cinema Journal, 14, 1, Fall, 1974

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Front Matter
[Editorial Note], 1
Cultural Identity and Film in the European Economic Community, 2-17
Thomas H. Guback
The Financing of Film Production in Europe, 18-25
Eitel Monaco
Films and European Competition Law, 26-31
Neville Hunnings
EEC Documents, 32-33
The Evolution of Eisenstein's "Old and New", 34-50
Vance Kepley Jr.
Filming Inner Life: The Works of Robert Enrico, 51-59
Thomas Simonet, Robert Enrico
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 60-63
Jean-Louis Leutrat
George-Albert Astre, Albert-Patrick Hoarau
Philip French
Jack Nachbar
Review Author[s]: Dean McWilliams
----------------, 63-65
Gene D. Phillips
Review Author[s]: Judy Adamson
----------------, 65-68
David Robinson
Stanley J. Solomon
Gerald Mast, Marshall Cohen
Review Author[s]: Timothy J. Lyons
----------------, 68-72
Stanley Kauffmann, Bruce Henstell
Myron Lounsbury
William Kuhns
Charles Higham
Laurence Kardish
Review Author[s]: Richard Dyer MacCann
----------------, 72
Joseph Dispenza
James R. Silke, Rory Guy
James R. Silke, Rudy Behlmer
Review Author[s]: R. D. M.
Annual Meeting
Back Matter

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