Cinema Journal, 14, 3, Spring, 1975

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Front Matter
The Film Theory of Jean Mitry, 1-17
J. Dudley Andrew
The Contribution of the French Literary Avant-Garde to Film Theory and Criticism (1907-1924), 18-40
Richard Abel
Correspondence, 40
Gene D. Phillips
Some Structural Approaches to Cinema: A Survey of Models, 41-54
David A. Cook
Abel Gance's Accusation against War, 55-67
James M. Welsh, Steven Philip Kramer
Films in Paris, 68-74
Lotte H. Eisner, David D. Williams
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 75-77
Gerald Mast
Review Author[s]: Donald W. McCaffrey
----------------, 77-79
Andrew Tudor
V. F. Perkins
Review Author[s]: Brian Lewis
----------------, 79-80
Kingsley Canham
Review Author[s]: Hubert I. Cohen
Back Matter

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