Cinema Journal, 15, 1, Fall, 1975

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Front Matter
One Man's Voyage: Ideas and Films in the 1930's, 1-15
Leo Hurwitz
Frontier Films, 1936-1941: The Aesthetics of Impact, 16-28
William Alexander
Correction: Appendix II: Reference Works for Film Study, 28
Nazi Party Election Films, 1927-1938, 29-47
William G. Chrystal
"Triumph of the Will": Document or Artifice?, 48-57
David B. Hinton
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 58-60
Erik Barnouw
Richard Meran Barsam
Review Author[s]: Don Fredericksen
----------------, 60-65
Joseph McBride
Richard Glatzer, John Raeburn
Review Author[s]: Hubert I. Cohen
----------------, 65-68
Gavin Lambert
Michel Ciment
Jeanine Basinger, John Frazer, Joseph W. Reed
Review Author[s]: Kent R. Brown
----------------, 68-71
Mervyn LeRoy
Raoul Walsh
William A. Wellman
Review Author[s]: John Raeburn
----------------, 71-73
George Pratt
Herman G. Weinberg
Review Author[s]: Robert C. Allen
----------------, 73-75
Jay Leyda
Review Author[s]: Humphrey W. Leynse
Annual Meeting, 76
Back Matter

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