Cinema Journal American Film History, 15, 2, Spring, 1976

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Front Matter
The Aesthetic Relevance of the Organization of Film Production, 1-6
Calvin Pryluck
The Genesis and Ideology of "Gabriel over the White House", 7-26
Robert L. McConnell
Alfred Hitchcock and the Ghost of Thomas Hobbes, 27-41
Philip Dynia
The Reconstitution of "A Corner in Wheat", 42-52
Eileen Bowser
D. W. Griffith and the Use of Off-Screen Space, 53-57
Robert L. Adams Jr.
Edison's Dream: A Brief History of the Kinetophone, 58-68
Rosalind Rogoff
Sternberg and "The Last Command", 68-73
John Tibbetts
Stroheim and "Queen Kelly", 73-79
Eric Myers
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 79-81
Stuart M. Kaminsky
Will Wright
Review Author[s]: Thomas G. Schatz
----------------, 81-84
Robert Sklar
Frank D. McConnell
Michael Wood
Review Author[s]: John L. Fell
Back Matter

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