Cinema Journal, 16, 2, Spring, 1977

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Front Matter
Towards a Historiography of American Film, 1-25
Charles F. Altman
Alexander Black's Picture Plays: 1893-1894, 26-33
Burnes Hollyman, Alexander Black
René Clair, "Le Million," and the Coming of Sound, 34-50
Lucy Fischer
News Marches in Place: Kane's Newsreel as a Cutting Critique, 51-58
James Damico, Kane
The Canadian Wartime Documentary: "Canada Carries on" and "The World in Action", 59-80
William Goetz
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 81-82
Anthony Slide
Review Author[s]: Robert C. Allen
----------------, 83-85
Tino Balio
Tino Balio
Review Author[s]: Calvin Pryluck
----------------, 85-88
Roy Armes
Review Author[s]: William Siska
Back Matter

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