Cinema Journal, 17, 1, Fall, 1977

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Front Matter
Linguistic Models in Early Soviet Cinema, 1-13
Harvey Denkin
Eisenstein as Theorist, 14-29
Dana B. Polan
"Ivan the Terrible" and Stalinist Russia: A Reexamination, 30-43
Kristin Thompson
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 44-46
Stuart Rosenthal
Review Author[s]: Judd Chesler
----------------, 46-48
Joseph McBride, Michael Wilmington
Andrew Sarris
Review Author[s]: Michael Budd
----------------, 49-51
Donald Spoto
Review Author[s]: Gorham Kindem
----------------, 51-52
Bart Andrews
David Rothel
Review Author[s]: Martin Maloney
Errata: René Clair, "Le Million," and the Coming of Sound, 52
Back Matter

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