Cinema Journal, 19, 1, Fall, 1979

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Front Matter
The Early Cinema of Edwin Porter, 1-38
Charles Musser
Detours in Film Narrative: The Development of Cross-Cutting, 39-59
André Gaudreault
The Narrative Structure of "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", 60-70
Marshall Deutelbaum
The Reflexive Function of Bergman's "Persona", 71-85
Paul Newell Campbell
Luis Buñuel and Pierre Louÿs: Two Visions of Obscure Objects, 86-98
Katherine Singer Kovács
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 99-101
Jack J. Jorgens
Review Author[s]: Cathryn A. Nelson
Addendum to "The Reconstitution of "A Corner in Wheat" ", 101-102
Back Matter

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