Cinema Journal, 21, 2, Spring, 1982

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Front Matter
"Bicycle Thieves": A Re-Reading, 2-13
Frank P. Tomasulo
Abstract: The attempt here is to show the relationship of ideology to textual production and history through a close analysis of a single film, while at the same time challenging the conventional wisdom regarding its "progressive" political and aesthetic stances.
Herrmann, Hitchcock, and the Music of the Irrational, 14-49
Royal S. Brown
Abstract: The extremely fruitful collaboration between director Alfred Hitchcock and composer Bernard Herrmann allowed for the evolution of a cine-musical style that seems in many ways to be the only one possible for a director primarily concerned with the eruptions of the irrational within the context of a solidly established ethos.
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
----------------, 50-54
Teresa de Lauretis, Stephen Heath
Review Author[s]: William C. Wees
----------------, 55-60
Richard Dyer
Review Author[s]: Jane Feuer
----------------, 60
David Bordwell
Review Author[s]: D. G.
----------------, 60-61
A. R. Fulton
Gerald Mast
David A. Cook
Review Author[s]: D. G.
----------------, 61-62
Peter Roffman, Jim Purdy
Review Author[s]: D. G.
----------------, 62
Peter Lehman, William Luhr
Review Author[s]: D. G.
----------------, 62-63
Budd Schulberg
Review Author[s]: D. G.
----------------, 63
Gary Carey
Review Author[s]: D. G.
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