Cinema Journal, 22, 2, Winter, 1983

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Front Matter
Thomas H. Ince: His Esthetic, His Films, His Legacy, 2-25
Jean Mitry, Martin Sopocy, Paul Attallah
Abstract: A consideration of the first of the great Hollywood producers, stressing his use of expressive epic narratives long before such forms were adopted by other filmmakers. Translated from the French by Martin Sopocy with Paul Attallah.
Abel Gance's Other Neglected Masterwork: "La Roue" (1922-1923), 26-41
Richard Abel, Abel Gance
Abstract: In some ways, "La Roue" is an incoherent text, marked by widely varied theories of film that were emerging in France in the late 1910's and early 1920's. But the film also reveals textual coherence. The celebrated rapid montage sequences perform a narrative function, and there are several sustained patterns of rhetorical figuring.
The Crystal Formation: Narrative Structure in "Grey Gardens", 42-53
Kenneth J. Robson
Abstract: In "Grey Gardens" the Maysles resist the opposing tendencies to superimpose a narrative structure upon their material or to present it as essentially unstructured. The success of the film lies in the skill with which the two filmmakers capture the confusion and incoherence in the lives of their subjects. In so doing, they reveal fundamental insights and patterns without tampering with the integrity of the material.
Professional Notes, 60-68
E. Ann Kaplan
Back Matter

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