Cinema Journal, 24, 3, Spring, 1985

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Front Matter
Editor's Introduction, 3
Virginia Wright Wexman
The Politics of Film Canons, 4-23
Janet Staiger
Abstract: Canons and canon formation pose questions for the Academy: On what bases do we evaluate films? What are the politics of those judgments? This essay surveys some of the positions taken regarding these questions, considering their economic and social contexts and the political implications of these positions.
Holes in the Sausage of History: May '68 as Absent Center in Three European Films, 24-42
Robin Bates
Abstract: The French student-worker uprising of 1968 opened up a crack in prevailing conceptions of reality, undermining traditional assumptions about the nature of advanced capitalist society. Godard ("Tout va bien"), Tavernier ("The Clockmaker"), and Tanner ("Jonah who will be 25 in the year 2000") draw on these insights as they maneuver in a society that denies class conflict.
Tabu: The Making of a Film, 43-64
Mark J. Langer
Abstract: This production history of "Tabu" outlines the determining effect of personal, organizational, economic, and other factors on the final form of the film, in order to demonstrate that "Tabu" is not the inscription of a single personality.
Society for Cinema Studies Constitution, 69-76
Professional Notes, 77-80
Mirella Jona Affron
Back Matter

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