Cinema Journal, 24, 4, Summer, 1985

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Front Matter
Editor's Introduction, 3
Virginia Wright Wexman
The Subject of "The Conversation", 4-22
Dennis Turner
Abstract: Coppola's film strives to be a genre film at the same time that its origins are in the fractured past of the fantasy tale and the continental art film. The ruptured narratives and unreadable sound track fail to provide viewers the certainty and closure in which they have learned to constitute themselves in a comfortably integral subjectivity.
The Studios Move into Prime Time: Hollywood and the Television Industry in the 1950s, 23-37
William Boddy
Abstract: This article analyzes the economic relations between the motion picture and television industries through the 1950s, challenging the traditional explanations of the transition from television's "Golden Age" of live drama to the modern era of "Hollywood television" dominated by network-licensed film series.
Symposium: The Future of Cinema Studies, Part II
Grants Bulletin, 72-79
William C. Siska
Professional Notes, 80-83
Mirella Jona Affron
Back Matter

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