Cinema Journal, 25, 3, Spring, 1986

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Front Matter
Editor's Introduction, 3-4
Virginia Wright Wexman
Mass Culture and the Feminine: The "Place" of Television in Film Studies, 5-21
Patrice Petro
Abstract: When describing the differences between film and television viewing, theorists and critics all too frequently employ gendered metaphors and oppositions. This article examines representative writings on film and television and speculates on the reason for the continual appeal to gender-oppositions in film and television criticism.
Toward Victory: Left Film in France, 1930-35, 22-52
Jonathan Buchsbaum
Abstract: Between 1930 and 1935, as France reeled from political and economic crises, an oppositional left culture formed to mobilize popular support for resisting the threat of fascism. Before and during the ultimately successful campaign, French filmmakers -- for the first time in France -- turned to film as a political resource.
Notes on the Soap Opera Apparatus: Televisual Style and "As the World Turns", 53-70
Jeremy G. Butler
Abstract: In order to fully understand how the soap opera apparatus constructs the meanings that it does, we must examine the operation of its presumably "invisible" style. Utilizing recent work on film melodrama and television soap opera, this study describes and analyzes the signifying function of the genre's televisual style.
Professional Notes, 84-85
Mirella Jona Affron
Back Matter

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